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An urge to Scramble…

Hmmm it’s happening again.

In the early 2000s I ran a mental health breaking play-by email game set in a steampunk riff on the Space 1889 universes.W ith up to 10 players (including people who resigned from stress!) it left many pleasing game experiences but was a hell of a lot of work.

I’ve been thinking about it and thinking about doing something like that again.

I am stupid.

However I am not THAT stupid. This time round I would keep it SIMPLES.

The current idea is a wargames campaign possibley AK-47 (as we have many figures and VBCW figs can come in at a push) or fantasy.  A maximum of 5 powers/players and to use an established system to keep it simple. At the moment I have looked at this:


and this

http://www.rudi-geudens.be/html/01.htm (I need to buy a book to look at that properly)

And anything that happens will be designed to be short, sharp finite and manageable. Skype makes diplomacy easier and soemthign that can be played over the winter months and then put away appeals. This is all something for ‘a couple of years time but anyone with any ideas get in touch.


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