Empire building on Nueva Esperanza


By the time the colonists had got to the planet of Nueva Esperanza the old rivalries of old Earth had become to fracture and split the colonists. No one knows what cause the Generation ship to go into a terminal dive but the result was an unprepared and fractious abandon ship.


The colonists that survived the entry into atmosphere and the brutal landings eventually formed communities and after decades these began to form into villages, alliances and eventually city states,. Having survived the native ‘dragons’ and the vicious winters they have finally got to a stage of roughly Twentieth century technology and are now due to expand further.

This is a background for a wargame/political campaign. Players would play the leaders of these colonies commanding their military, diplomats and spies in one small crowded island of Nueva Antiguaon Nueva Esperanza, ‘New Hope’

This is intended not to be starting for some time. It is compatible with the Prodigal Empires background and I intend for the battle to be fought by me and Jim, while other people play the politcos pulling the strings.

Jim and I will use AK-47 Republic for the ground battles while GW’s Mighty Empires will form the basis for campaign rules. I’ll also borrow from Tony Bath’s Hyborian game in that Generals will have personalities (and might start fights you don’t want them to be bribable.)

With our 15mmm AK47 collection, VBCW forces, WW2 troops and SF figures we can cover most basis. Initially no power will have airpower (it’s like munchies for dragons,) but that could change. Oh and sea serpents love the ships like Crunchy bars.

Anyone interested drop me a line at Dissectingworlds@yahoo.co.uk you’d need to think about what your city state is like;

  • what nationality (or mix) set it up
  • Is it democratic, a monarchy, military dictatorship or theocracy?
  • What religion or is it atheistic
  • Mass peasant army or small crack professional force
  • Nation of free men or slaves
  • Culture, approach to money etc;

Whether you do this in a couple of sentences or more is up to you.

Actual force and game mechanics will be sorted by me and Jim so the players concentrate on moving their forces, making strategic decisions and backstabbing! (Sorry I mean of course diplomacy.)


2 comments on “Empire building on Nueva Esperanza

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