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Nueva Esperanza : Peoples Glorious Democratic Maoist Workers Collective

The first power for the scamble space colony PBEM game  Nueva Esperanza has been invented by infamous gamer ‘Beer Matt’ 


  • what nationality (or mix) set it up

Was set-up by mostly Chinese but all people are welcome in the collective.

  • Is it democratic, a monarchy, military dictatorship or theocracy?

Democratic. The constitution sets out the structure of the state as a Maoist Collective and this cannot be changed. But all levels of government (from local villages up to the national government) are made up of democratically elected representatives who serve for limited terms. There are no parties as such but there are different wings of the Maoist party who represent different policies. There is nothing to stop someone standing in an election as a capitalist but they would be regarded as a dangerous extremist and never be elected.

  • What religion or is it atheistic

People are free to practice any religion they want of course but Confucianism is popular

  • Mass peasant army or small crack professional force

Both. All adults go through 1 year of military service. They then perform a % of time serving in the military each year depending on their role, age, civilian job, choice etc. There is also small core of professional soldiers – these make up some special units, training cadres, general staff, special forces etc. There is not a clear distinction between full-time military and reserves but rather a mix of unit classifications that are manned with a mix of types. For example a Category B unit that has full time officers, NCO’s who serve 50% of the year and riflemen who are a mix of people doing their 1 years military service and others serving 1 month/year). Note the officer and NCO are not the terms actually used – there is no such distinction. Oh yes, some of the units use armoured tractors – bolt on armour panels onto agricultural tractors)

  • Nation of free men or slaves

Free. Member of the collective are expected to serve the state through military service etc. but there is free speech, freedom of movement etc. Criticism of the state is certainly allowed since that is the way to improvement. People who refuse to work are re-educated – this is actual re-eduction. People are also free to leave the collective (or join).

  • Culture, approach to money etc;

Money is not used. All production is controlled by the state. Everyone contributes according to ability and receives from the state according to their need. In practice housing, basic furniture, clothes, food  etc is provided to all. Some large items (e.g. a combine harvester) are shared between a village. Additionally the state also produces some luxury items. Everyone is given an allowance of points monthly that can be used to request luxury items – additional points can be awarded for extra effort made e.g. Comrade Matt made a record 1000 widgets this month so has been awarded a new radio.


Essentially The PGDMWC is a communist state that is working as intended. Everyone is pretty much equal (even the officials and party members – since they have fixed, limited time in office) and things work (reasonably) well. There is no secret police and no oppression. They are basically ‘nice’ commies. They do want to export revolution but its because they really believe that the workers in other places are being oppressed and need to be liberated.


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