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RBI: Battle of Marinara!

Flushed with their Vicotry at Gnocci the Garabalid Navy sent the 3rd Fleet to attack Marinara where the Tricoloure sole survivoir for the Bourboni Navy had joined Task Force F430.

The Bourboni Force was operating in far orbit and the Garabaldians jumped inside their gravity well. The result was the 3rd Fleet had to fight past the F430 to escape.


The Garabaldi 3rd Fleet  Vice Admiral Bunga-Bunga Parti

Heavy Curiser Mario

Light Cruiser Michaelangelo

Escort Crusier Luigi

Destroyer Nembo

Frigate Tigre

Frigate Pantera

TASK FORCE F430 Admiral Cappacino

Carrier Aquillia (6 squadrons Carvour fighters)

2 Battleships Vittorio Veneto & Littorio

2 Heavy Cruisers Tarantino Tricoloure

1 Escort Cruiser Zara

1 Light Cruiser Alberto de Giussano

6 Destroyers Quinto, Sella, Francesco Crispi, Dardo, Fracccia & Saetta



The Garabaldians made split into two forces. Their heavy ships trying to skirt round the side of the Bourboni force while the destroyers and frigates advanced to enagage. The Bournboni tactics was a picket of destroyers with aspread of capital ships advancing behind with the fighters acting like cavlary with their superior manouverability enabling them to jet between flanks as needed.

Much like the Bourboni in the previous battle the Garabaldi where severely outgunned. It looked early on that the heavy units would escape off the table edgege ut Jim brought them back in hoping to get around the heavys tuff and attackl the Bourboni carrier.

It wasn’t to be the Alberto de Giussano parked in the path of those heavy forces and supported by fighters, Vittorio Veneto and the Heavy Crusiers managed to severely dent the attacking force destroying the Mario. The Garabaldi Frigate force was outnumbered by the Bourboni destroyer screen and quickly destroyed with supporting fire from the Littorio and Zara. The Alberto was severely damaged in the process but the damage was done Captain Parmesan of the Michelangelo  tried to lead his ship and the Luigi ina  dash for home but the focused firepower of the Bourboni Navy knocked out thrusters, shields and hyper-drive systems before destroying the force. 5 of the 36 Fighters from the Aquillia where lost and the Bourboni Destroyers Quintino & Sella  lost their point defence systems in the battle but all in all it was a victory for the Royal Bourboni Navy.


End Game!Aquillia looks on froma stately distance.

So what next – each side has had a defeat neither knows the balance or location of the enemy force – Can Garabaldi High Command (Matt Pease) reverse this defeat or has the Royal Bourboni Admiralty  (Grampus) shown too many of it’s cards? It’s all to play for.


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