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VBCW Cosplay part 1

I do love the wargame ‘period’ Very British Civil War 1938 set in an alterate history where Edward VIII failed to abdicate, invited Mosley to be his Prime Minister and anarchy follows. So much so that I’ve been fiddling at putting together some ‘cosplay’ for the period. My own ‘side’ in the war is the ‘Liverpool Free State’ and I had a few bits and pieces lying around I’ve started to convert. (I should hasten to add no of this costumery indicates my own politics or ethnic identiy.)

A ‘socialised’ British Army Tam O’Shanter

Firs tof all an old Tam O’Shanter passed on by an old TA friend combined with an old cap badge from a Russian Red Army peaked cap  and TA-DA something suitable for a left-wing Liverpool Scots/Scots-Irish force.

The 'Tam O'Stalin' on the 'mystery head'

 I have also cut up some old running medals (3 x Santa Dashes, 3 Mersey Tunnel 10ks and 2 Liverpool Half Marathons and made a ‘medal ribbon bar’ to wear with the eventual future uniform.

Excuse the pegs the glues still drying (and visable car was cut away.)Any wonkyness is historically accurate,

 Now to hunt for suitable clothing…

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