Nueva Esperanza : Galtania


Nueva Esperanza is a PBEM game that will feed into a minature wargames campaign. Players on the internet move forces an decide policy while wagramers in Wallasey will fight out the resulting battles. @the Grampus write up of his ‘state’ follows – others are available under the Nueva Esperanza  topic there is currently one space available if you have an idea for a colony and want to join in.

Galtanian(tm) Free Association of Peoples


Greetings Newly Enlightened Citizen and thank you for purchasing this informational leaflet

 on the Galtanian(tm) Free Association of Peoples. This document is produced by Vertias ™


Incorporated, the pre-eminent supplier of informational brochures in the Southern Hemisphere. GFAP(tm) was formed a radical group of visionaries, rejecting the state-ist and repressive colonising models on offer from the major powers, headed to the unsettled areas of Nueva Esperanza to build a wholey new way of life. Here, no man* is fettered by obligation to any other man, and is free to live his life as he chooses, without either the bounds, or the support of the state. In fact, there is no State, only the Free Association, people working together because they choose to, and receiving recompense for those good or services at what level the Invisible Hand of the Market decrees.


It is believed that a service that has no cost, has no value, and as such nothing comes without a charge attached to it. Everything is owned by someone, and everything comes at a price. This means that individuals live their lives full of meaningful choices, living the lives they choose to lead, a way of life with true freedom, unequalled across the planet.


GFAP has therefore attracted pioneers in all fields to its secluded valleys, boasted high levels of technology and artistic endeavour. Any service you require is available to you, if you choose to afford it, and equally products and services from GFAP are exported across the planet.


In this time of struggle the entrepreneurs of GFAP have risen to new challenges, fielding mercenary armies to the struggling empires (cash up front, of course) as well as contracting to their fellow GFAP corporations to secure key business assets from illegal and immoral seizure in the name of “the war effort”. These forces consist mostly of advanced robotics, however forces consisting of those chosen to earn a living due to a natural aptitude for violence also appear on the battlefield.

* GFAP uses the term “man” to apply to the species, believing that denoting people by gender is an affront to their individuality.


2 comments on “Nueva Esperanza : Galtania

  1. […] Managing to out manoeuvre the Sabor in the asteroid they set course for the moon of Nueva Esperanza where the pirates keep their stash in the D’acconian highlands in Galtania . […]

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