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Nueva Esperanza:New Midgard

 New Midgard is the latest entry to join the Neuva Esperanza Space Colony game joining space Romans, Ayn Rand with an army of  killer robots, Maoists and  gun-toting religious Scots (1 more place open…)

New Midgard Flag (By Odin!)

> * What Nationality or Mix make it up?
> This is made up from people from Northern Europe who wanted to create a new
> society loosely based on the Vikings. Relative rank was initially
> created by the amount of money that was donated.
> * What religion is it?
> It is loosely based on the pagan Norse gods. There have been some inroads
> from Christian missionaries but these can be viewed with hostility
> depending on the local warlord.
> * Is it democratic, a monarchy, military dictatorship or theocracy?
> It is loosely a monarchy although there are quite often disputes over the
> line of succession. Rank was originally determined by what people had
> donated to the ship but this was soon overtaken by who had the biggest
> collection of stout sticks and hands to wield them. There are warlords
> that offer fealty to the main ruler and they can vie for that position
> amongst themselves.
> * Mass peasant army or small crack professional force
> Due to the monarchy and the fealty that is owed it tends towards a small
> professional force. Each warlord would have a small elite warband and be loosely
> coordinated with the others. These small warbands are
> professional soldiers and are to protect the realm and keep the peasants down.
> * Nation of free men or slaves
> Slavery does exist. Slaves can hope for manumission but it is fairly rare.
> Slaves do not own other slaves. A form of serfdom does exist in order to provide
> the resources for the warlords who provide their service and
> some resources to the current king.
> * Culture, approach to money etc;
> The warleaders and professionals have a boisterous approach to war and
> conquest. They are happy acquiring booty. Money does exist in the
> society although most wealth is concentrated at the top. Some taxes are
> in place but vary from region to region. The lot of the lower orders is
> an unpleasant one and there is a very limited chance for advancement. People are
> susceptible to bribes and corruption.

One comment on “Nueva Esperanza:New Midgard

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