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RBI: Battle of Fusilli

After the defensive victory at the Battle of Marinara https://clarkythecruel.wordpress.com/2011/06/01/rbi-battle-of-marinara/ the reduced Bourboni Royal Navy F430 Task Force under Admiral Cappacino went on the offenvise attacking the Garabaldi Republic Home system of Fusilli.

 TASK FORCE F430 Admiral Cappacino

Carrier Aquillia (6 squadrons Carvour fighters)

 2 Battleships Vittorio Veneto & Littorio

2 Heavy Cruisers Tarantino & Tricoloure

1 Light Cruiser Alberto de Giussano

4 Destroyers Francesco Crispi, Dardo, Fracccia & Saetta

the Garabaldian Republican Navy 5th Fleet under Vice-Admiral Gladio was in defence

Heavy Crusier Pola

Light Cruiser Leonardo

Destroyers Ascardora , Ardente & Garibaldino

Frigate Leone

The Garabldians hide in a asteroid/debris field hoping to lull the larger Bourboni forces to their doom

The Bourbnoi cautious approached on a wide front - the Aquillia launching her fighter complement

Dardo supporting the (white) Bourboni fighters while other fleet units patrol outside the debris field.

The Dardo crawls to enagge the enemy while the fighters raise merry hell,

The Death of the Dardo

 The Dardo snuck into the minefield but it was Aquilla’s fighters that did most dmaage to the Garabaldian fleet with the occassional potshot from the Bourboni ships outside the debris field if an opportunity presented itself. The Tricoloure took some return fire but the 5th was destroyed but not before the Garabaldino managed to get revenge on the Dardo. The Captain then abandoned ship and crashed his ship into an asteroid field to avoid it going to the enemy.

Frustration by the Garabaldian Admiral led him to have split his fleet to try and entice in the Bourboni big ships – this made the fighters life easier as tey could attack the smaller ships without worrying about the capital ships area defence systems. A tighter Garabaldian formation (say wedged where it would be impossible for the Bourboni capital ships to get a shot in would have taken a MUCH heavier toll on the fighters who did not come off unscathed. 

Situation End of Turn 3

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