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RBI:Battle of Pennee


Admiral Cappacino sat stoically on his command centre as the raw power of the F430 Task Force of the Royal Bourboni Navy jumped into the Pennee System. Immediately the control stations of his crew began to illuminate with all sorts of alarms.


“My Admiral” It was Captain Corelone who commanded the Aquillia “one Garabaldian fleet to our fore and…”

“Spit it out man”

“Another has just jumped in behind us – Sir they’re in our aft arc – our weapons can’t bear-“

“At last –a fight! Engage the Fleet in front – maximum velocity ! and Captain”

“Si, Admiral ?”

“Get every bird in the air you can from his tub – the fighters might make all the difference – AVANTI!”

“AVANTI!”  Returned the crew as one


TASK FORCE F430 Admiral Cappacino

Carrier Aquillia (4 squadrons Carvour fighters)

2 Battleships Vittorio Veneto & Littorio

1 Heavy Cruisers Tarantino  

1 Light Cruiser Alberto de Giussano

3 Destroyers Francesco Crispi, , Fracccia & Saetta

Garabaldian Fleets –

1st Fleet – Vice Admiral Franco – to the force of F430

Battlecruiser Garabaldi

HeavyCruiser Trento

Light Cruiser Striker

Destroyer Euro

Destroyer Impavido

2nd Fleet – Rear Admiral Rennarta – to the rear of f430

Heavy Cruiser Trieste

 Light Cruiser Raphel

 Destroyer Zatieria

 Destroyer Ardito

 Frigate Da Vinci



They're behind you!

F430 charged into close quarters with the 1ST Garabaldian Fleet where a vicious exchange of fire took it’s toll on the ships. The slow moving 2nd Garabaldian Fleet fired parting shops into the Bourboni forces which they could return. 2 Fighter Squadrons where launched and destroyed a destroyer.



Then the problems began – F430 initial speed meant it was taking a very long time to turn. As it’s ships shot off (leaving the newly launched fighters standing) they presented their rear arcs to both Garabaldian forces which moving slower where able to manoeuvre to bring all weapons to bear.


Speed splits the Bourboni Fleet

The bulky clumsy Aquilla couldn’t cope and rather than fail to launch any fighters due to a turning arc exited the battle – Cappacino giving command of the fleet to Captain Carbonari of the Vittorio Veneto.


The launched fighters took out some destroyers before being left behind by the relatively fast moving capital ships.  Another sweep of the fleets occurred in which the  Tarantino  and destroyers where destroyed and a badly damaged Alberto de Giussano excited the table suffering from major systems failures.  Numerous blows where landed on the Garabaldian forces but no knock out blows on anything heavier than a destroyer.


Bourboni light forces have a rough time......while heavy units struggle to bring weapons to bare.


With that exchange of broadsides the fleets flew by and parted only to regroup and make another attack. Both sides was moving quickly now and the Vittorio Veneto was destroyed but frustratingly even the reunited Bourboni forces couldn’t destroy any individual Garabaldian ship. Worse the Alberto de Giussano lost all ability to manoeuvre and it’s commander had to give the order to abandon ship.


Satisfied with their work the combined Garabaldian Fleets exited the battle field and jumped out Fusilli system leaving a bemused Admiral Cappacino  holding the Pennee system with two, relatively undamaged vessels surrounded by the wreckage of his fleet.




TASK FORCE F430 Admiral Cappacino (in possession of Pennee)

Carrier Aquillia (3 1/2 squadrons Carvour fighters)

1 Battleships Littorio

bermused victors?

Combined 1st & 2nd  Fleet (redeployed to Fusilli)

Battlecruiser Garabaldi (badly damaged)

HeavyCruiser Trento

Heavy Cruiser Trieste (badly damaged)

Light Cruiser Striker (badly damaged)

Light Cruiser Raphel

 Destroyer Ardito

 1 other destroyer identity to be confirmed


the numerous defeated?



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