Nueva Esperanza: C-R-I-M-E

The sixth and final power comes on the scene for the game of generation ship colonies duking it out Nueva Esperanza.

Corporate Republic of the Independent Merchants of England.

  • what nationality (or mix) set it up

Mainly English originally, but CRIME’s borders are open to all.

  • Is it democratic, a monarchy, military dictatorship or theocracy?

CRIME, despite the name, is an Oligarcic Kleptocarcy. The mysterious Merchant’s Council rules from the shadows. There are laws, but the three overriding rules are; 1. never betray CRIME;  2. Do what you want unless it breaks rule 1; 3. Never get caught.

  • What religion or is it atheistic

CRIME happily embraces people with any religion, or none. If a wealthy satanist should wish to practice some ritual slaughter, and the proper palms were greased, then all would be fine. (unless the 3 rules were broken, and then hell help them!)

  • Mass peasant army or small crack professional force

CRIME has a relatively small standing army, hoping its generaly good relations (and large bribes) with neighbours will avoid most conflicts. They also try to stay neutral in other countries wars, whilst seeming to support all sides! If combat does happen CRIME’s tactics often involve ambushes, traps, and enemy generals turning traitor.

  • Nation of free men or slaves

Theoreticaly all are free in CRIME, though also, if enough money passes hands, anything goes. For this reason the popolace is roughly split between the rich, and those wanting to kill the rich and steal their money.

  • Culture, approach to money etc;

Money rules, and those with the most, can do almost anything they like. Trade is a necessity, and so CRIME actually is very fair with its neighbours – once bought they stay bought! CRIME should be on the verge of implosion, but they are all united by the get-rich-quick-by stabbing-somebody-important dream, and the Merchant’s Council’s reach is long. CRIME’s citizens know that if they cause too much internal conflict, they could be ripe for picking by their more militant neighbours.


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