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RBI: The Battle of Tagliatelle

The fleets approach in the first battle

The Aquilla jumped into system accompanied by Littorio and other escorts.

“Admiral Cappacino- there are multiple contacts approaching at high velocity!”

“Thank you Captain, Yeoman – tannoy me to the Fleet.”

“Aye Aye Admiral, patched through.”

” Gentlemen and ladies of the Fleet. In the Service of His Majesty we have sufferred the aggression of the Republican scum along the frontier. Together , in force and in service, we have avenged our lost comrades. Now at our enemies Capital system we have an opportunity to end this war…to-“

“Admiral they’re in weapons range!”

“Merda! – Launch birds! -All Ship’s fire for effect!”


Fighters begin to harrass the rapidly attacking Garabaldi

The battle of Tagliatelle was a game of 2 halfs. In the first battle a massed force of the surivors of the 1st and 2nd Garabalidan Fleets joined by the 4th who had retreated to their home system of Tagliatelle made a swift pass at the Aquilla Task Force which had jumped into system.

TASK FORCE F430 Admiral Cappaccino

1 Carrier Aquilia (with 24 Carvour class fighters)

2 Battleships,Littorio

1 Heavy Cruiser Trento

1 Light Cruiser Duce d’Aosta,

4 Destroyers, Balero, Folgore, Quintino, Sella


1 Battlecruiser, Garabaldi (full repaired)

2 Heavy Cruisers, Trento,  Bolzano

3 Light ‘Turtle class’ Cruisers, Striker,  Michelangelo, Leonardo

5Destroyers, Zatira, Alpino,  Ardito, Strale,  Zeffiro

As the Garabaldians zip past the fleets let rip at each other

The first stage of the battle saw an vicious exchnage of fire – most noticable was the repaired Garabaldi going head to toe with the Littorio both ships took serious damage before destroyed by secondary ships fire. The credit for destroyig the Littorio going to the Striker with it’s final shots before fighters killed it. The Duce d’Aosta was also killed in the exchnage mainly by destroyer fire. The Garabdlains forces spend off at high speed and then came back for another attack.

Unforunately the Bolanzo had lost all thrust and spend off into deep space leaving the Trento with an escort of  the Michelangelo, Leonardo and Strale making a steadier approach while a fast fleet of Zatira, Alpino, Ardito and Zeffiro made a a fast attack. The Arditowas killed bya fighter screen but the destroyer point defences took a heavy toll on the attacking Boruboni fighters. Then the Bourboni fleet turned in and behind the Garbaldians effectively ‘crossing the T’ (as fans of Battle of Tsushima will be famialr with) and as they were behind the Garabalidans it was free shots. The Fighters also got in on the act. The result was that the entire Trento force was destroyed leaving just three Garabalians destroyers to fight 4 Bourboni Destroyers, a Carrier and a surviing 14 fighters.

Crossing (behind) the 'T'

My fellow Garablaians it is with great sadness that I Freddo Granzi, Chairman of the Redhsirt Party inform you that our dear Presdient, His Excellency Pauli Ritizio died last night in his sleep – heartbroken at the reverses our forces have sufferred in the war with the Bourboni. A Executive Council of the Party has formed an interim governemnt for the nation in this time of loss.

Our first duty to the nation is one of peace and prosperity and as such we have signed a Peace treaty with the Bourboni Kingdom which will see some minor border adjustments – perhaps 3 or 4 worthless systems given up for the good of the nation…

Of course this outcome doesn’t mean the Bourboni or Garabaldians won’t return…

Aboard the SS ‘Four Lads who shook the Wirral’  Master Ralph Yukizormi accepted a saki laced Coco from his first mate as the ship left the main Spaceport on Spaghetti IV and transversed orbit.

“Cheers, No1. ” he took a slurp. “What does ‘Sparks’ say.”

“Clear of orbit it’s safe to fire off the message pod.”

Master Ralph Yukizormi  also know as Lieutenant Yoshi Smith of His Imperial and Brittanic Majesty’s Navy (Intelligence Branch) smiled. The helmsman looked over the shoulder.

“Clear of Orbit now Sir.”

“Signals – launch the message.”

He slurped his drink again letting the spirits and heat warm him. When the Admiralty saw how these fellows had worn each other to the nub he suspected it would not be long before Terror Squadron came to claim these dirtballs for the Niptish Empire. Hopefully it would get him noticed and taken off this disguised spy ship or U(ndercover) Boat.


The Garabaldian Foriegn Office survey corvette ‘Belissimo’ jumped back into the Spagehtti system just in tiem to be stopped and boarded by the returning Garabaldian fleet.

The Marine Captain handed over the captured datadisk to the Aquilla’s science officer who scanned the contents while Admiral Cappaccino lighted a cigar – one of  a box he had taken as a gift from Garablidan Space Command when signing the armistice.


‘Si Don Admirale – it seems they have found a small system with one life-bearing planet – a Spanish name – Nueva Esperanza ? New Hope I think? A variety of fractious generation ship colonies, generally lower tech with a few exceptions.”

“Very well, we will report to the King’s Ministers and they can decide what to do…”


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