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Garabaldian Defence paper leak!

This is the concluding paragraph of  the Garabaldian Republican Navy’s Staff Ppaer entitled ‘Strategic Options: Defending Garabaldi Space after Bourboni Victory.’


To conclude and summarise whatever the strategic and tactical errors made by the Naval Staff and Commanders at Space in the course of the Conflict Bourboni victory much be put down to the following factor: there maintenance of a Carrier and associated Fighter wing. The firepower, flexibility and manoeuvrability of the fighters provided instrumental in many defeats of the conflict.


As we have established in this paper the Peace Treaty which forbids us to build ant capital ships beyond one Heavy Cruiser prevents such from bridging the ‘carrier gap’ as does the economic climate following the lost of several systems.


However there is another way surviving Garabaldian space has numerous carrier substitutes – in the form of planets, moons and asteroids that could base defensive fighter squadrons. The Peace Treaty does not mention fighters and if our fleet trains in operating in concert with fighters launched from such bases we could deter Bourboni aggression.


This option is cheap, cost effective and allows us to build a defensive ‘screen’ of fighters so when the economic climate enables us to build larger ships we can do so from a  position of defensive strength.


Fighters could be sourced from major powers such as theChristo-CommunardCommonwealthor the Niptish Empire.  A variety of private defence companies can provide fighter training and logistic support till our own programs are established.


We also recommend when new ships are purchased that adequate point and area defence is a must.


Costings and technical specifications follow in the appendices.


We humbly submit this option to the Redshirt Defence Committee.


Admiral Marti Mazzini, Acting Chief of Staff of the Garabadlian Republican Navy,

 (Kehaar note – This of course could prove an interesting set up for a wargame as a punative Bourboni fleet attempts to kill the nascent fighter force or even a Special Force or Fighters game.)

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