Garabaldi and Bourboni states and militaries

Bizarrely though we’ve been wargaming them for several months I hadn’t given any though as to the 2 Italian Prodigal Empires militaries. So here are some thoughts.


The Kingdom is a absolute monarchy though the king relies on ministers to run his government. Colonies are run by nobles in a feudal system of administration but as titles are in the King’s gift the nobility have to tie the line. The Universal Bourboni Catholic Church (UBCC) supports this system and clergy are often in important administrative position. Needless to say the UBCC are considered heretics by the Pope of theCatholicCommunardCommonwealthand the feeling is mutual. A Bourboni Pope sits in New Vatican City space station in the Expresso system where the Bourboni Capital lies, but his election by Cardinals is decided by the King in reality. The Church does provide an Inquisition which as well as harassing heretics also supports the Monarchy in suppressing rebels and dissent.

Royal Bourbnoi Armed Services

Regia Marina Bourboni (Royal Bourboni Navy)

The units of the RMB should be well known to any students of the Bourboni-Garabaldi War (see Revolutionary Biscuits of Italy posts http://en.wordpress.com/tag/revolutionary-biscuits-of-italy/ .)

The Navy wear black double breasted reefer jackets (hip length for officers, thigh length for enlisted) black trousers and shoes. Officers wear a turtle neck jumper in branch colour while men wear a white shirt and tie in the branch colour. Officers wear a peak cap while men are issued with berets with an anchor and star badge. The Royal Coat of arms features on the shoulder of the reefer jacket.


Branch colours

  • Command – Yellow
  • Engineers – Grey
  • Helm/Navigation – Maroon
  • Gunnery – Blue
  • Science/Medical – Green
  • Support – white

As well as surface units the navy includes

  • Laguarni (Marines) a force of professional soldiers who ceremonially wear the white frock coats of the Bourboni Family troops., black berets with an anchor and crossed muskets badge, black trousers and boots. Branch colour is black. They have camo uniforms/armour and operate from dropships in the manner of an air assault unit.
  • Flottiglia Mezzi d’Assalto, ( Assault Vehicle Flotilla i.e. Fighter complement of the Carrier Aquilla) Wear normal Navy uniforms – branch colour is red.

Esercito Regia (Royal Army)

The Royal Army is charged with garrison duties. As such consists of a mixed brigades made up of armoured, armoured infantry and light forces. It is a conscript force.

For ceremonial, duties the troops wear the white frock coats of the Bourboni Family troops. Green lucerna bicorne hat, green shirt and trousers with shoes. For day to day operation standard camouflage battledress is worn though with national distinctions (like the lucerna.) .

  • The Arma dei carabinieri (Corps of Carabineers) is the paramilitary police force of the Army which also acts as the national police. They wear black uniforms with the army bicorne or a peak cap
  • Corpo Truppe Coloniali (Colonial Troops Corps) is force of volunteer part-time soldiers on the frontier systems. What they lack in equipment and discipline they make up in with field craft and local knowledge,
  • Corpo delle Guardie doganali (Custom Guards Corps) are a division of the army but also the customs and taxation officials of the monarchy. As such they are beginning to operate some non-hyper-space capable customs cutters and fighters as well as having small counter-terrorism/hostage forces.

Orders of Knighthood

Made up of noble youths personally loyal to the king these forces are widlcrads in the Bourboni military. Equipped with equipment of their own purchase and uniforms of their own design (which frequently change) they can be very good if indisciplined. However it is thought they rob the Army of a corps of educated officer candidates eroding the regular armies quality. Each order is of battalions strength but rarely deploy in anything more than platoon strength in any one system.


Though a declared Republic, Garibaldi is in fact a one-party state of the Liberal Democratic Redshirt Party. The Redshirt party is in fact neither liberal nor democratic and has a lot in common with corporatist blackshirt fascism before Nazi influence. State secularism is enforced though private worships is allowed and several heretical Catholic sects co-exist in its boundaries.

Garabaldi Defence Forces

Nominally there is one GDF using Army ranks but in discourse with other Navys Garabadli ‘Generals’ will frequently refer to themselves as Admirals to avoid confusion.

As such all branches have the same barrack/Ship board dress.

Officers wear a hard red fez, red collared shirts with a casual cravat in service colour (Green Army, Black Navy, Blue air force and red for the redshirts.) A grey thigh length jacket and trousers tucked into riding boots.


Men wear a soft red fez, red collared shirt with a tie in the service colour. A grey thigh length jacket and trousers tucked puttees and marching boots.

Further unit distinctions are should through shoulder patches and chest badges. Subdued camo uniforms exist for the battlefield.

Republican Garabaldia Navy

The units of the Navy should be well known to any students of the Bourboni-Garabaldi War (see Revolutionary Biscuits of Italy posts http://en.wordpress.com/tag/revolutionary-biscuits-of-italy/ .)

The force includes the marines of the San Marco Division. These are small dropship launched forces though once dropped they operate as light infantry (Garabaldi dropships lack the air assault role of their Bourboni equivalents.) They are designed to capture drop fields for heavy Army units to come down and win the battle.

Esercito Garabaldi (Garabaldi Army)

Garabaldi Army wears standard uniforms as above. Two types of special light infantry units the Bersaglieri (rifles) and Alpini have distinctive headgear for parades of the distinctive wide brimmed hat decorated with black capercaillie feathers.and Cappello Alpino respectively.

The mainstay of the Army is the Armoured brigades which are drop capable and then designed to win the battle on the planets surface.

Guardia Nazionale Repubblicana (Republican National Guard)

The national guard are the garabdli police force but they also act as the kernel of reserve units the Redhsirt divisions of part-time soldiers. These are common on all Garabaldi planets so the Garabaldi military has a lot more manpower than the Bourboni but lacks the manoeuvrability and professionalism of it’s common opponents.

Aeronautica Militare (Air Force)

The Air Force is a new force part of the post –Bourboni victory Garabaldi Defence strategy https://clarkythecruel.wordpress.com/2011/07/15/garabaldian-defence-paper-leak/


It consists of two types of Wing each of which will be found in every Garabaldlian system.

  • Stormo Incursori (Raiders Wing) – Fighters based in asteroid belts and moons. These tend to be longer range two-seater fighter-bomber types.
  • Stormo Difesa (Defence Wing) – Planet based fighters – aerospace effective single seat types.

Battagliones Fucilieri dell’Aria (Air-force Fusiliers Battalions) are ground force and AA crews that defend air force bases and space stations against air and commando raids.

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