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Magnificent Men and Inglorious..bitc- I mean Ladies

Due to a full and fun day at day job  a very brief fight night report.

Firstly Jim has been hitting the locla tat shop and got these diecast lovelies for a song – expect to see at cvarious Flames of War, Neuva Espernaza, AK-47 and VBCW battles in the future.

Those magnifcent men in their flying machines

He also laid out a very impressive table for a fight over some command buildings around the St Helens area (VBCW)The Battlefield

The Battlefield

Essentially a BUF force occupied the buildings – a marching brigade of  Liverpool Scottish and the Liverpool Chinese Berry Street Irregulars was to attack from the bottom left of this photo, supported by an A-T Gun.   The 1st Battalion, Bettie Braddock’s Amazons was to attack the centre and the top was goign to be attacked by the Wapping  ( Murdochs Own) Light Horse*  supported by HMGs on trucks from the Docker’s Milita. The force was commanded overall by Colonel Rosilin Bruxelles of the Amazon Brigade.

The short version is the AT gun’s transport broke down, the Irregulars and Amazons where sluggish in attack and reticient in defence and the Docker’s ‘technicals’ came worse off with regular Vicker Mark VI tanks. The only moment of glory was the Amazons being bombed by Jim’s new Ju88 (German volunteer piloted ‘Falcon legion’ no doubt ) and the Cavalry destroying a couple of the enemy light tanks before the attack was called off.  The Scots enagaged the enemy until running out of ammo, they then tried to resolve matters with abyonets, mills bombs and pipes but came worse off running home.

Obiviously the Amazons will have to improve so there will be words! On the plus side the unamed Cavlary battalion suddenly developed a personality and fearsome reputation (see below.)

* A Worker’s Defence Corps unit recruited from across other WDC (Labour-TUC) militas in the city from those with Cavalry experience and called Wapping as Soviet lent horses which arrived in Wapping Dock are their mounts.  They are armed with Imperial Russian version of WinchestersM1895  as their main weapon (more Soviet lend-lease,) and are lead by a scurrilious Austrailian Republican Journalist ‘Prince’ Rupert. Main sidearm is Colt M1917 revolver in .45 ACP. For melee purposes a combination of Soviet sabres, pilfered swords from the Liverpool Museum (of varying antiquity) and captured weapons suffice.

In other news my podcasting partner has started a blog on him paitning ugly WH40k monstrosities very well indeed http://tinymens.blogspot.com/ check it and out and praise his name.


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