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Sabotage at Little Hoole (Part 1)

A Scenario by Jim – obviously no ALFIES back up for this one…

Little Hoole is a small township that lies just on the outskirts of Preston

The road from Preston to Ormskirk runs through the small town .

Free State intelligence have reported a large convoy of supplies and munitions will be passing through the town on route to Ormskirk .

A small Free State detachment has been selected with the task of destroying the convoy and making good their escape via the small inlet brook running to the river Douglas.


B.U.F. Convoy

5 Supply trucks each with 1 inf stand (Regular)

2 Armoured Car (Tanks /Hmg) (Regular)

T.A  Escorts

1x Truck 4 inf (Green)including command

1 Command Car (Regular)

Reinforcements Turn 3

Preston T.A  Relief Column ( Green)

A company 1x truck 4x inf including command/Lmg

B company 1x truck 4 x inf including command /Lmg

Free States .

Formby Militia Green

2x Barges each containing mortars 3 inf including command

Company, Wild Geese Battalion 

x 2 barges all inf armed with Lmg/rifle  Regulars including 1 x TnT I.E.D.


Dingle ‘Hard Knocks’ LDV

 2 x Buses 8 inf including command. (pressume green)


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