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Battle of Helsby Hill


Following on from Barge across the Merseyhttp://wp.me/pRURp-ed


Liverpoolforces are making an attack on the Helsby and Frodsham hills from their foothold on the south bank of the River. The aim is to make a night attack – take out the artillery which shell the City, Wirral and Runcorn threats and hopefully hold the hill for follow on forces causing the enemy to pull back fromNorth Wirral.


The Government is thinly stretched but must hold on.



This is a night attack and it does not become light unit Turn 6.

Government starting troops can be entrenched and are in touch with Commanders by field telephone. If they leave starting positions they are then out of touch.

Government Guns are entrenched and cannot be moved but can be spotted for by their defenders.



Capture/Hold Guns                             25pts

Capture/Hold Town                            10 pts




Area Commander – BUF Brigade leader Horace Hamilton (Foot, Field Telephones)


Cheshire Hills ‘Scouse-Smashers’ Artillery Division Regular

6 Artillery Batteries on North face on hill (near top) combined Royal & BUF Artillery


Frodsham Command

Colonel Reginald Tyrant, Indian Army (rtd) (foot) (Regular)


Frodsham LDV (Green)

6 Civilians w military rifles


3rd Cheshire BUF Auxiliary Bn  (Green)

5 Blackshirts w military rifles



4th Cheshire BUF Auxiliary Bn  (Green)

5 Blackshirts w military rifles




Helsby Command

Major Terrance Abrahams (Green)


Helsby LDV (Raw)

4 Civilians w military rifles


5rd Cheshire BUF Auxiliary Bn  (Green)

4 Blackshirts w military rifles



6th Cheshire BUF Auxiliary Bn  (Green)

4 Blackshirts w military rifles



Government Reinforcements (Turn 3 onwards)


Lord Frodshams Horse Regular

3 x Military Rifle Cavalry


Inskilling Dragoon Guards Veteran

3 x Military Rifle Cavalry


Royal Highway Patrol Group Regular

1 x HMG Truck

2 Military Rifle

1 x Armoured Car


Government Reinforcements (Turn 8 onwards)


4th (TA) Bn, Cheshire Regiment Green

2 Trucks

4 Rifles




Hussars Squadron Regular

2 Vickers VI tanks


Royal Tank Regiment Platoon Regular

1 Matilda




Celtic ‘Tiger’ Division


Division Command – Major General Fergal Mckenzie, DCM, Car, Regular


1st (Irish) Brigade

Command – Brigadier Malone (foot)

Wild Geese Battalion (Irish Free State Volunteers) Regular

2 x Vickers Guns (HMG)

8 x LMG Platoons

The Wild Geese Battalion will be the largest battalion in the ‘Celtic Tigers’ Division.

1st IRA (Scotland Road) Battalion Regular (Civilian dress)

1 Command Military Rifle

3 MilItary Rifle + SMG Infantry

2 LMG Platoons


Liverpool Irish TA battalion (Green – as British Army kit)

1 Command military Rifle

5 Military Rifle

A 2nd (Mixed) Brigade

Command – Dai Gueste (foot) Regular

A battalion Liverpool Scottish Regular

1 Command infantry

3 LMG Infantry

5 Infantry

All Welsh Battalion (Green) Green

LiverpoolWelsh Free Church Council Fusiliers – 3 Stands military rifle

Welsh Republican Army in Exile – 2 Stands SMG

Free Druid Army – 1 Stand Rifle

Welsh Communist Party – 1 Stand Rifle

Workers for aWelshRepublic– 1 stand Rifle

Treated as one battalion but the factions will be clearly identifiable and will friendly fire each other for first preference

Commandant Cliffe’s Celtic ‘Mighty Red’ Reivers Regular

 4 HMG Motorcyle Combinations (Including Command – left armoured cars at home.)


Worker’s Naval Brigade  Naval Gunfire Spotting Units (NGSU)

4 self ordering Green stands (spot naval gunfire artillery as regulars)

Can man captured government guns on roll of 1-3


Gunfire Support Flotilla

4 x Heavy Artillery (off table) – spotted by NGSU – after daylight has to vacate on a 6 at end of a turn.


LFS  Reinforcements (Turn 3 onwards)


Amazon Brigade

1st ‘Bad Girls’ Battalion, Green

1 Command, Military Rifle

4 Miltiary Rifle

2 Military Rifle + SMG


2nd’ Plain Janes’ Battalion (use civilian resistance) Green

1 Command, Military Rifle

3 Military Rifle




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