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Cosmopolitan Division:All-Indian LFS Volunteers

All-Indian LFS Volunteers

 Wll I ‘ve finished them the write-up from https://clarkythecruel.wordpress.com/2011/01/30/minorty-report-liverpools-cosmopolitan-division/ follows the pictures.

Platoons in skirmish line

 I’ve used a combination of WW1 Indian Army figures, Belgian Guarde Civil (trench-coats and raincoats) and a stray Russian Civil War Women’s Death Battalion figure (pressumably representing a Rani studying at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicne fighting in one platoon?)

Close up of the fighting line

I tried to mix skin tones as much as possible as it’s a mix of  volunteers who originate in all different parts of India.

From the rear

A combined force of Indian seamen Indian volunteers who think fighting in the British Civil War will secure Indian independence this force has little local connections. It has small number of former Indian Army viceroy commissioned and Rajah’s officers who give it discipline and a command structure. It is a strange combination of jobbing seamen, pro-liberation intellectuals and former Indian Army sepoys acting as mercenaries. Combined with the sheer variety of the Indian population reflected in its ranks it’s a heady mix with its own combination of discipline and morale problems. However it fends alright.

The units banner is a another checkered affairs based on the All-India Congress flag adopted in 1927 combined with the Liverpool Tricolour.

6 x Infantry (inc 1 Command) – Green


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