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Merseyside Musselmen Milita

Originally this was going to be a three stand funny unit. However for reasons of excess figure purchases they’ve turned out to somewhere more numerous.

 The original write up is here https://clarkythecruel.wordpress.com/2011/01/30/minorty-report-liverpools-cosmopolitan-division/ and this battalion would still form part of the Cosmopolitian Division.

Merseyside Musselman Company Banner


They do need a touch of finishing

Sir Bernard Turtledove or Turtledove Pasha as he was known when in service to the Sultan – is an old Eastern hand. He is also a native Liverpudlian and suitably filled with local patriotism. On the commencing his City’s efforts to resist the Blackshirts Turtledove pasha took to recruiting his own militia made up of Bashi Bazooks, Ghazis, Pushtans and bandits he had known through his long career – or at least their grandsons and bastard grandsons. An unexpected influx of Muslims from other parts of the UK following the BUF’s crackdown on foriegn elements has now bolstered it’s forces. Fighting in Fez’s or Turbans round tin hats in a uniform of Turtledove Pasha’s down design they are a fearsome force.

A force of ex-Indian and French colonial army NCO mercenaries to give his force backbone and plenty of ammunition for practice. he won’t deface his uniforms with the liverpool tricolour though as the unit banner incorporates it and is worn as a shoulder patch it would perhaps be excessive. Turtledove Pasha’s younger brother commands an Anglican league unit and his youngest is a BUF commander. They are all cricket fanatics and it is said their sporting rvialry exceeds any political concerns.



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