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Onward Christian Soldiers: The Bishop of Liverpool’s Own Demi-Brigade

In the Dark days of 1936-37 Anglican league organisation in the City of Liverpool was haphazard and piecemeal. What Anglican league units there were opposing King Edward, his immoral consort and unsavory friends tended to form parish Local Defence Forces. With the War proper arriving with the formal seige and investing of Liverpool by Government forces under Bully Boyce north of the mersey and Lord Farndon in the South the Anglican elite decided to get proper organised.

To achieve this several things happened. First of all the Bishop of Liverpool reached via his felow Anglcian Leaguers to the French for support. This came in the form of some rifles and bolts of #’horizon bleau’ vcloth. Several bolts of which where acuqired by the rival if Allied militia of Betty Braddock’s Amazons but eventually enough to unfiroms were created. This gave the newly established ‘Bishop of Liverpool’s Own’ a real sense of ‘espirit de corps’ which was boosted bya cadre of experienced Officers and NCOs being ‘poached’ frome established miltias by the pay and conditions the bishop offered being supported by Episcopalian donations from the USA (which included Tommy guns,) and Anglican ones from across the Empire. The bishop also struck up a Bridge Foursome with Andrei Chebnenko a senior officer in the Soviet mission to the City and through this arrangement got some Soviet aid for the unit (old Casuqe Adrian helmets and western arms left y intervention forces int he Russian civil war.)

The Bishop of Liverpool Own are itneded to form the kernal of a new Anglcian League Division which can act as a powerbase for the League in the City. It’s being considered putting feelers out to the Orange orders to see if they’d serve alongside though the merits of that plan are still being considered.  it lacks motoro trasnport of it’s own but the Bishop is working on that. It is formed of two formations:

The Velocipede (St John the Evangelist) Squadron(‘The Veloci-raptors, Chorlton and the Wheelies)

Command Infantry (Major Brian Chorlton,)  Infantry, LMG  Rifle/SMG Platoon (All on bicycles)

Embroidered Badge worn on left side forage cap and right collar tab of tunics and great coats.

These bicycle troops are able to manouvere siftly down the back streets and entries (alleys) of the City and have proved very good as a flexible defensive reserve. In rural battles it is envisaged they would reconnoiter coutnry lanes and form a mobile reserve when enemy forces where contacted.

Riding as to war

The Cathedral (St Michael the Archangel) Guard (‘TheCathedral City Boys’ ‘, ‘St Michael’s Quality Mark’) 

Embroidered Badge worn on left side forage cap and right collar tab of tunics and great coats.

Command Infantry (The Right Reverend Lt Colonel StJohn Turtledove) , 2 LMG, 2 Rifle/SMG, 2 Rifle Platoons

Follow the Vicar with the Bat!

Wearing a badge based on the City of Archangelsk arms (an idea of Soviet Adviser Andrei Chebnenko, the Soviet City has adopted the unit,) lacking heavy weapons they partly compensate in their mobile firepower of lewis and tommy guns. They are lead by the 58 year old StJohn Turtledove who as well as being a Great War veteran, man of the cloth and mean right handed bat is also the brother of  Sir Bernard Turtledove (or Turtledove Pasha)  commanding the Merseyside Musselman Milita and also ‘Black Jack’ Turtledove who commands the ‘Liverpool Exiles’ BUF Battaliion. It is said the brother personal emnity in politics is second only to the rivalry they has a cricketeers when in the 1920s they also set up and promopted their own Clubs in the local leagues.

Overall the demi-brigade  sized force with skilled officers and NCOs acts currently as a ‘fire bridge’ force rushed to fronts where an skilled body of troops is needed to plug a defensive gap, stiffen defences or drive on an assault.


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