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2nd Battalion Bessie Braddock’s ‘Amazon’ Brigade

The history behind the establsihment of the Bessie Braddock Brigade in Liverpool Free State service has been recounted with the first Battalion here: https://clarkythecruel.wordpress.com/2011/07/24/vbcw-ladies-la…ddocks-brigade/

Ladies fix fix bayonets - charge!

The Second Battlion the so called ‘good girls’ (because their uniforms weren’t stolen but Russian and Irish donations) is as poltiically varied as it’s horizon bleau clad counterpart 1st Battalion. It is more frugally armed being almost entirely carrying rifles are various makes and lacking SMGs, LMGs and heavier weapons.

It is commanded by Lt Colonel Patricia Hynde  who despites the units Worker Army affliation is in fact a highborn scion of a Liveprudillian Tory family, if an outspoken veteran suffagist one. Hynde was a nurse in the war and comes from a long standing miltiary family. Her considerable brain has proved adept at the disciplines of war and she has a good working relationship with both the labour party Bessie Braddock the unit’s sponsor and it’s actual commander German-Irish Communist Rosalin Bruxelles. Her highborn manner does not perhaps inspire loyalty from her women however.


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