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Battle of Helsby Hill (Part 2)

The Celtic Attack on Frodsham hill

Frodsham Fight

The Irish left retreating the Welsh finally took the town of  Helsby and from their brought down fire on  the BUF positions opposite. Teh 1st Battalion the Amazons Brigade tracked right along the rail track to assault the flank, while the Scots advanced on the left. Unfortunately panic and chaos in the Government ranks appears to give the Free State an opening. Ordered on by their Commanders they made good progress into government lines. Lord Farndon’s Cavalry turned up but where sluggish leaving the Frodsham Milita defending the hill suffering a full Welsh onslaught.  A gallant defence was made and Lord Farndon’s Cavalry eventually joined in attacking the Welsh who stood their ground while the Scots panckied and the 1st Battalion ladies shot it out with the TA who had turned up, debussed and subsequently panicked. Not before they were replaced by the Inniskillings who charged women and in a bloody fight bested them.

Irish Attack

Helsby Fight

The Irish ‘Wild geese’ pancked behidn the railways lien and took their good time restroting order. The Liverpool irish (Irish ex-British regualrs) made good time avancing on Helsby hill via cover but the IRA bore the brunt of a firefight with the tank and Royal Highway Patrol Group troops. Eventually some artillery dispatched a Vicker VI tand the Matilda troop panicked – but the IRA and Liverpool Irish assault failed to break the BUF trenches.  By then the Matildas had recoved and it was looking very dicey for the Irish, even if mechanical breakdown had imbolised the remaining Vickers VI troop.


The Liverpool Free Staters had rolled some aircover so the end game was likely that the Free STtaers who break and flee covered by the Irish ‘Wild Geese’ and 2nd Battalion Amazons (which never adavnced beyond the railway line.) The Matilda, Cavalry and RHPG would be in pursuit but the BUF and LDV survivors whould not venture beyond their trenches. What Free Staters could would be re-embarqued on the landing force with the Navy directly firing on any pursuing forces. At heavy losses the LFS has suffered a humilating defeat and hoped for strategic move and come to end end.

Welsh Igmony - Dai Gueste suruvied and will fight again!

The Battle for Helsby Hill will be known as Liverpool’s Galliopli.

What next for VBCW well as BUF offensive can’t be far away. But before that there are some Nueva Esperanza battles to fight…


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