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NE T1 Ph1: Battle of Mongo

Ming City

‘The bards will sing of our Victory, the cowardliness of our enemy and the lamentations of his women!’  declared Migard Commander Thorvald as his force rampaged through the captured Ming City. The Vikings where particualrly upset as two of their infantry units got chewed up by a well laid ambush by the Imperial Army in centre of the City.

Word is that Midgard vehicles where prone to breaking down in the fight, leaving units stranded in the open.

Street fighting while armour shields aganist a relief column


In other news, the so called eltie Ming’s guard took little part in the battle having been picked off by long range tank fire. Norse tanks also did for a Subject King’s Levies relief column. The Midgardians eventually took the City in hard street to street fighting and it now burns in celebration of their victory and their dead. Reports that Ming survives and portions of his levies are organising for guerrilla warfare in the hills have not yet been confirmed.

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