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NE T1 Ph1 : Battle of Small Press

A portion of the peaceful province of Small Press

The Maoist Collective 1st Shock battlegroup took the Podcastian mountain Province of Small Press today. There was heavy fighting – the Small Press milita ‘The Greggs of Humanity’ harrassed the invaders inflicting some casualities. Furthermore the ‘Thunder Men’ regiment managed to ambush the invades severely damaging the 1st Red Guards Armoured infantry Battalion. This was followed bya charge dmaaging the Red Artillery. Regretfully the tank superiority of the invading forces led to an inevitable if costly Maoist victory. The meaning Wonder Women elite Company surrendered to the invaders

On surrendering the High Priestess of the Matriarchal cult that used to run Small Press stated ‘whay aye it’s a canny defeat like.’ Translators are unavailable.

Greggs of Humanity exchange fire with the invaders

Charge of the Thundermen!


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