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NE T1 P1: The Battle of Arboria

Island News Network Report

Tensions mounted today in the forest Princedom of Arboria – a Midgard Battleground crossed the border claiming the territory was the sacred home of  Yggdrasil the World Tree and historically part of the Midgard territory. The small, crack Arborian Ranger Corps fell back in the face of overwhelming fire power-

We interrupt this report to announce that a the Free and Indepndent Presbetaryian Peoples Ministry of Mission has announced a ‘Christian Peacekeeping Force’ as entered the territory in order to preserve life. More on this story as we get it


Olaf and 3 warbands of Housecarls advance unapposed

Intially the battlefield was somewhet empty. Elder Knox had outrun his army and was a pretty lonely figure with his guard in  a truck while the Midgard force of Knut’s Housecarls and Olaf swept up the 1st objective. They were then joiend by two more warbands . While Knox cowered behind a hill shoting for reinforcements having secured an objective putting the mismatched forces on an even keel.

Reinforcements came in the form of the ‘Victory of Jericho Battalion’ a tank formation which came on from a far corner. It was shortly after joined by the Luke Parish and Boys Brigade Militas in an adjacent corner but these two forces where seperated by the late bengt’s Housecarls who divided the forces and made pretty whether of shooting up the militas.

Massacring miltia looked such good fun a  number of the Viking warband turned around and helped Bengt’s forces (que requiem music as the Boys Birgade milita got totally shot up and deserted the field while the Luke Parish miltia surviviors hid in a wood.)

The Arborian Rangers turned up charged Bengt’s force and with some lucky miltia hits manage to kncok out an APC and a infantry platoon but were destroyed.

Olaf raced ahead of his men scouting the 2nd objective.  Elder Knox saw his opportunity and dashed out and shot up the other General’s platoon killing Olaf and then advancing and occupying the 2nd Objective.

Vikings rush back to massacre milita

The Presbetaryian tanks moved to the centre of the battlefield and where able to support Knox as he occupied the objective putting his force in the driving seat. 

Knuts force lead the drive on the contested objective but despite killing a FIPPs tank platoon was unable to cope with the battering and routed off table. Early in the battle Olaf had sent his trucks and most of his carriers off table to preserve them a decision he now regreted as his huscarls yomped towards the FIPPs stronghold. bengt’s force also suffered repeated mechanical breakdowns of it’s survivng APC which delayed it’s redeployment.

Knox attacks Olaf!

Halfdan’s Huscarls where destroyed in repeated assaults on the woods and Oysteisn failed to drive on to the objective and eventually fulled back in face of the Victory of Jericho tanks. Suriving St Luke’s Parish forces took pot shots at the retreating vikings and the Fall of babylon Artillery even came on but by the time they unlimbered they had missed any opportunity to fire.

Island News Network Report

The juvenile Prince Baron II has renounced his titles after ordering his peopel to convert to the Free and Independent Presbetaryian Church. The move removes the final obstacle to the intergration of Arboria as a new Parish of FIPPS. Meanwhile as we see from this footage viking forces cotinue to stream over the border into Midgard. Loki Olafson is charged with reorgansiing these forces in a fighting force again.

In other news CRIME’s crcket team continues it’s run of good luck againsit an All-Podcastian side.

League Table


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