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NE1 T1 Battle of Zaitu!

The battlefield

Island News Network: The Zaitu Ministry of Information has revealed the dictatorship has repeeled ‘Communist agression’ from the Maoist collective.

First blood to Zaitu

Chassuers d’Zaitu tank platoons and platoons of Ligne, Grenadiers, Marines and Parachutists of the Guarde repelled the attack inflicting heavy casultie on the maosit attackers. The 3rd Field Committe only escaped with the armoured tractors of the Collective farms unit accompanying the attack. Red Army infantry routed after a failed bayonet charge but are believed to have reformed and be engaged in insurgency int he Provence.

Another stirke by Zaitu

President Mobassant of Zaitu has declared with inusrgents will be hunted down and destroyed and warns the Moaists aganist further aggression.


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