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NE T1 P2 The Battle of Cheeseshire and conquest of CRIME

Major-General Longton-Wimble knocked out his pipe on the side of his staff car and pulled his ‘warm’ tighter over his tailored battledress. It was a bitter desert night. 

‘ Come on Charley” he said to his driver who was just clearing up the brew kit ‘we’d better get  a move on or the Devil in skirts  will be all over us.’

Dirty faced Grenadier Guards blankly gazed out of scarred carriers as they trundled past. He slumped into the back of the staff car , behind him the fires of the CRIME Capital Stilton burned with the holy rage of the FIPPS invaders. He would have to answer some questions…like how this had come to pass…

The intial defence of Cheeshire was down to Major General Longton Wimble and the grenadier Guards and Wheatahisre fusiliers. The attacking force was a full FIPPs army assembled for attackign the auld enemy. – it included the Archangel Michael Mechanised Infantry, Parish Milita, a mortar battalion, the Elect Highland Hussars (armoured cavalry.)

The intial FIPPs advance was distrupted by an IED which killed a platoon of infantry.  The Wheathires established a firebase while the Guards advanced to flank the invaders. Int he process they where caught by the tank gun armed armoured car of the FIPPs Hussars which with accurate fire drove off the Guards who ultimately routed under repeated fire which meant they never ‘de-bussed’ from their carriers and lost a Company. The Hussars became stuck  by vehicle breakdowns but fortunately next to an objective.

The Wheatshires occupied an objective and repealed repeated miltia attacks but took heavy casulties from Mechanised Infantry and Mortar fire.

The Coalshire Boarders and Light Artillery turned up as reinforcements. Coalshire efforts to relieve the Wheatshires where beaten back by heavy fire from the ‘dream team’ of the Mechnaised FIPPs infantry and the mortars.  Both the Coalshires and the Light Artillery thought better of any further fighting and pulled back. When night fell the Wheatshires pulled out the city between looting FIPPs units.

Hello this Island News Network – in a surprise for analysis all of CRIME’s Generals have declared they continue to support the CRIME Government. This means that FIPPS occupation force has limited control of the territory have seizing Stilton, the Capital. It remains to be seen whether any of  the Island powers will assist in the liberation, or merely attempt to gain a piece of the action….and we’re just getting news in of the efforts of conquest of those very CRIME Generals..(in 2 weeks.)

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