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NE T1 P2 The Battle of Dissecting Wold

Island News Network – news just in Maoists forces fresh from their conquest of Small Press have advanced into the Duchy of Dissectng World here is our report of the resulting battle.

The Moaist forces advanced having to seize objectives in woods and on a central mountain peak. The 1st and 2nd Red Guards Armoured Battalions where ambushed by the local ‘Grampus Guard’ regiment which despite surprise managed to do very little damage.  The so-called ‘Apline’ Company of the Red Guards Armoured Infantry Battalion then managed to sneak on the field in a flanking manouvre, scale the peak and seize the central objective.  While the ‘Grand Clarky’ took control of the remianing objective the DW Guards where defeated and routed. Maoists tanks advanced with the 2nd as a rear guard.

Mass Armour led by Comrade Kwok

The rear guard was a good idea as the tank gun armed armoured cars of the Kehaar’s Hussars arrived and attacke dthe Maoist rear and dispatched one Maoist Tank platoon before they where destroyed. Finally the Guest Grenadiers (mercenary troops from across Podcastia) came in a DW reinforcements and heroically, repeatedly  and futilely attacked the Maoist armour resulting in their destruction.

Rear Guard and Advance

Comrade Kwok of the 1st Field Subcommitte of the People’s Defence Commissariat responded to questions by saying “The nature of Maoist victory is irrepressable!”

Alpine Guards cheer on their armoured comrades


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