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Grice’s Last Stand

General Grice legging it from the Tinshire's after his abortive attack

General Grice commander of the Gendarmarie looked in vain for his battle group – the armour platoon and infantry company had failed to turn up. Reluctantly, he put down his  wagon wheel biscuit and instructed his headquarters to bus-up on their vehicles and advance towards the battalions of the Tinshire Light Foot and Cheeshire Rifles advancing down the valley.

His platoon de-bussed and opened up on the CRIME infantry in their trucks only to remount their vehicles and flee as the unharmed CRIME troops dismounted and attacked. Eventually resigned to the fact that no reinforcments were coming and hearing the Fishire Rangers had occcupied the right flank Grice’s HQ took their la

Celebrating and unharmed Tinshire's on the site of Grice's Last stand

st stand..



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