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NE Y1 T1 Ph2 Battle of Rosvald

Elder Know looked up from his bible and slammed it shut. His faith felt strong and interrgoating the peasants had confirmed that only a token force of Midgard freemen guarded this Province. VICTORY WAS ASSURED.

FIPPS Victory of Jericho tanks supported by Artillery, Infantry occupy the central area.

Trucked St Luke’s militia and Elder Knox’s men advanced in the centre. Shortly afterwards they were joined by the Armour and artillery which approached one of the mountains.

Infantry in the centre

Suddenly with a cry of ODIN! small arms fire erupted from the moutnain top as the first freemen company opened up on the tanks. Defending their half and home the troops of the Oleg’s Kommando of Freemen pinned and then destroyed the lead tank platoon. The second tank platoon’s vehciles became bogged down and it’s crews paniced allowiing the Freemen to charge and destroy it. They then pursued on foot the feeling artillery.

Fall of tha tanks!

Sigmunds freemen meanwhile came on the battlefield and advanced towards the St Luke’s militia and Elder Knox. As the miltiia deployed to meet them they were struck by Oleg’s troops in the rear. Expelled from their mountain fastness with freemen rifle fire richoting around them as they fled the suruving FIPPS troops fled the battlefield.

VICTORY! Mead! Feasting! Wenches! Spam!

The vikings of Midgard celebrate – the Christian Scottish aggression has been thrown back!


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