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Nueva Esperanza: News Analysis

“Welcome to Island News Network’s  News Night and I’m joined by General Bruno
Tolini  from the Bourboni Royal Lagurni
(or Marines) and Admiral Andrea Moorton of the Niptish Imperial Navy as we
consider recent events on Nueva Esperanza.

So General and Admiral what do you think about the rapid
expansion of FIPPS?”

Admiral Moorton puts
down a large slice of chocolate cake, crumbs falling down her multiple chins.

“ Well these itinerant Scots have proved the necessary aggression
to succeed ina close state system – skilled combined arms forces and an
armoured spearhead –“

General Tolini
flounces in his chair

“Darling! They have been PASSIONATE1 POWERFUL! And AGRESSSIVE!
But have they overextended themselves? I think so –“

Moorton takes another
chomp of chocolate cake

“Perhaps but their opponents dithering around and I’m unsure
they’ll be able to counter this aggression –“

The general flings
himself on Moorton grabbing her arm

“ BUT DARLING! Look at the Maoists with their equally mechanised

Another bite of
chocolate cake

Pah tanks sent
into mountains – pure foolishness and in danger of having their supply lines

“Officers, if I could ask you about the other power s-“

“CERTAINLY DARLING! I think we have to see an alliance
between  the victims of FIPPS aggression –
a DOUBLE or THREEWAY ALLIANCE! Think what BEATUIFUL music they will make-“

Moorton chomps through
chocolate cake like a Dion.

“Piffle !  the victims
could simply attack FIPPs separately and fight over the spoils.”

“And what of Roma Secunda or the Galts?”


“Well they’re just BORING!”




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