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Blasts from the Backburner: By the Mediterranean Sea

Okay I’m bunching 3 disparate ideas here:

Holocaust in the Sun I have liked the idea of setting a post-holocaust RPG game (whatever the cause of social collapse) in one of Europe’s sun spot resorts such as a Greek or Spanish island or Malta.

These island resorts tend to be very environmentally stressed which leads to conflict between survivors for resources like water. The survivors will be made up of all types of foreign tourists and there will be immigrant workers there as well which is another potential source of conflict. As Zombieland showed there is a nice contrast between a holiday centre and the end of the world.  The compact nature of these resorts also make them well suited as a ‘sand box’ for character adventures to have real impact.

The Kesselring Plan This is an idea for a WW2 wargame campaign based on the Germans delaying invading Russia and putting their resources into defeating the British in the Med, getting access to Middle Eastern oil and the option of attacking Russia ultimately from the South as well as the West. Maybe eventually even joining up with the Japanese in India.

The original ambitious ideas for this was a a large scale wargame covering both the naval and military side. However the costs and different rule sets involved in that may be prohibitive. What could be done is individual smaller battles as part of that campaign following a smaller unit (or units) through the fights. So one would wargame German paratroops units fighting in the conquest of Gibraltar or Malta, tank forces invading Egypt etc; Equally the same allied/commonwealth units could turn up. You could start it from a different ends of the conflict – a British force fighting rebel Iraqis, Vichy French in Syria while the Germans come the other way as part of the offensive unit the two veteran units clash?

The Napoleonic East Based on an old Practical Wargamer article this was focused on Napoleons efforts to throw the British out the Med and destroy the Ottoman Empire at the turn of the 18th to the 19th century. This could be played as a straight wargame like the World War Two version above but since them I have read a history of Napoleons efforts. He apparently had a back up plan to create his own Empire in the Middle East if it looked like his hopes to come to power in France would be vexed. That background could be good fun to play as an RPG with the characters as Napoleon’s fixers – either on it’s own or alongside a wargame campaign.


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