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Prodigal Empires: Mercenary Gazette: Shipping Sentinel Solutions

S3 Logo

Shipping Sentinel Solutions(S3)  are a new an innovative Company operating on the outer rim. The prevalence of small independent ship owners  plying these dangerous frontier space lanes under the flag of weak independent colonies means they have no protection from the great power navies aganist piracy, hijacking, hostage taking and other security problems for such vessels.

Many a ships master trusts to a veteran crew to help with some problems but once his interest sexpand beyond a couple of ships and he cannot devote the resources to a dedicated security department in his shipping line needs some protection.

That’s when Shipping Sentinel Solutions come in. Established by Commandante Pedro Machete (a nom de guerre) a veteran former Christo-Communard Commonwealth Marine turned dissident the Company provides handpicked ship protection details recruited from Marine forces across human space including but not limited to the Niptish Special Naval Landing Forces,  Niptish Imperial Marine Commandos, Holy Stellar Empire Naval Infantry, Maphilindo Korps Marinir, Garabaldi San Marco Regiment and Bourboni Laguarni.

They also provide detective details for providing crime prevention duties on liners, tracking stolen cargos and detecting stowaways recruited from Naval and civilian police forces through it’s security service.

Another more controversial duty is the Company’s ship recovery service. When a shipping company defaults on the mortgages on their vessels or other debts S3 are often hired to track and seize the vessel where legal measures have failed. Lacking a fleet of their own this normally done by a S3 team travelling incognito to a suitable port (lawless or easily bribed authorities) and seizing the vessel till a crew provided by the bank or other lender can be brought on board. This can involve firefights with defaulting crew and standoffs with local authorities. The added trade from having s3 protected vessels in your port allows mean no colonial government has treated these incidents as an excuse to bar S3 from their territory – yet.

Internally there are tensions in the Company between the Recovery, Security and Protection departments.  Each is headed by passionate and dedicated officers who see their business as the direction for the Company. Commandant Machette  has groomed his 25 year old son as his successor and the Divisional heads vie for his approval.

Protection teams can be a one agent for a small freighter hiring security on a one-off voyage to a platoon of 30 men including armourers, combat medics, dog and bomb disposal teams for a liner.  A security detail of 1-4 agents is usually assigned to the larger protection teams. Recovery operate in small crack squads of 4-12 men depending on the difficulty of the retrieval.

To facilitate it’s services S3 operates Marketing Agents throughout the frontier – these are often injured former agents who act as salesmen, store equipment and keep their ear to the ground in case of opportunities, Their local knowledge means they are often used as defacto spies for the company when a problem comes up.

Protection staff usually wear the uniform of their employers with a S3 pin, badge or patch on the shirt collar, shoulder or jacket. With small employers with no crew uniforms they wear a light blue set of fatigues usually in short sleeve order with dark blue belts/webbing and smart officer style peaked caps. Security staff adopt the same dress code or cvillian dress with an S3 pin and ID. Recovery team fit themselves out as they see fit usually selecting weapons with common ammunition or energy cells and tailoring their equipment for the local environment and potential hostiles.  Recovery Teams have even impersonated colonies Customs or Police forces to gain access to a ship.

Employees are rotated between the 3 Divisions in seperate 6-18 month tours of duty to keep them fresh.


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