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Prodigal Empires: Mercenary Gazette: The Braveheart Bravos

The Bravos are a company sized mercenary force consisting of exiles from the small colony of the Free Independent Puritan Presbyterian State (FIPPS) on the planet/island of Nueva Esperanza.  They are a set of veterans from the interminable
wars that FIPPS fights who got disgusted with the corrupt religious governmentof the colony and attempted a military coup. Failing they managed to escape to a spaceport, steal a ship and escape off planet.

Former professional soldiers with no other trade to fall on they resolved to form a mercenary company and gain sufficient funds to return to FIPPs and change the regime.  That was 10 years ago. A lot of bitterness has settled in since then.

The unit completely underestimated the running costs of a mercenary company and have had to sell off vehicles and heavy weapons as time has gone on.  It is now a force of light infantry made up predominately of grizzled veterans with a handful of fresh faced farm boys who have joined the unit having been star struck when the Bravos passed through their villages.

Lacking heavy weapons and equipment the unit no longer gets plush contracts from Colonial or interstellar governments but is mainly hired by farming co-operatives, poorer colonies, mines and plantations to beef up local security where there is a threat.  Faced with such employers the unit has refined it’s training to become an adept counter-insurgency, patrolling and close quarter assault force.

The FIPPS exiles have adopted the Scottish Lion Rampant as the unit badge and colours. These are normally worn in subdued colours as cloth shoulder or cap badges on camouflage fatigues. That is as far as uniforms go, the poor business skills of the unit command means that it has had to freely acquire cheap batches of uniform from cut price salesmen , enemy or allied
forces as and when they occur.  Other elements of Scottish dress such as Glengarry’s, Tam O’Shanters, Balmoral
bonnets, ‘braveheart’ face painting, kilts, highland dress, dirks, sgian-dubh turn up randomly in the unit if only for parades and walking out dress.

Equipment wise the unit is equipped with conventional firearms (brass cartridges can be reloaded and used again so they have bags attached to ejecting ports to catch them.) FIPPS Nimrod Assault rifles are standard issue (actually a copy of a Catholic Communard design, widely exported) with underslung grenade launcher or shotgun. Hand grenades of whichever
nationality are also widely used.

The units current organisation is a small HQ platoon( including medics, armourers and support around 12 people), 5
Infantry platoon made of 20 men with 2 general purpose machine guns, 2 grenade launchers and 16 rifle armed men.


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