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Prodigal Empires: Mercenary Gazette: Kentucky Rifles Incorporated

The Kentucky Rifles are a mercenary unit recruited mainly from the United Americas, mainly from the United Space Colonial Marines.  As per their brochure they are ‘designed to be a cost-effective force multiplier for low resource colonial forces.’

They do this through providing small squads of sharpshooters, training or leadership teams of ex-elite forces troopers. The Rifles are wary of ‘over-deployment’ and prefer to have these small squads which can be pulled out of a contract without too much shipping costs.

Operations of KRI are largely controlled by it’s founder Colonel Kent Swansea (USCM rtd) his intial backing and funding remain vague but it is known that around 40% of the company is owned by institutional investors (banks, pension schemes) and the company seems to enjoy good lines of credit from these same investors, who  have extensive UA government contracts.

It’s proved a profitable business the ‘Rifles have a small moon off Arachane VI which serves as training and R&R centre.  They have a small fleet of half a dozen assault ships both atmosphere and warpgate capable crewed by ex-UA Navy crews to deploy and extradite their forces. In fact the level of resources the ‘Rifles have leads many to suspect they are a front for the Central Intelligence Agency. This suspicion is not helped by the willingness of the ‘Rifles to undertake ‘red, white and blue’ jobs for UA government and corporations.

Given the refusal of the Company to deploy more than ‘force multiplier’ teams in many packets across human colonised space it is hard to see how many troops it has under arms. While the Company is registered in Delaware, it’s off world status makes it non-resident for tax purposes and it’s precise numbers are vague. What is known is the largest contract they have fulfilled involved circa 100 troops in a 3 year training mission with the Garabaldi Army prior to the recent war with the Bourboni. The largest combat mission was 20 troops used to rescue a ‘Rifles training team taken hostage by the insurgents fighting the government of Shangri-lah. This rare deployment was because the ‘Rifles didn’t trust the Shangri-lah National Guard they’d been training to execute a rescue mission.




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