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Prodigal Empires: Arachne II – the alien races

Arachne II

Approximately 2,000 years ago driven by their planets collapsing eco-system the indigenous population of Archane II (in their language Klarkash-ton) exploded out into the stars on a mission of conquest. Expanding the 6 systems the Klarkash-ton Empire fell into civil war between rival Emperors. Bitter fighting led to a number of nuclear exchanges and the economy and society of the Empire collapsed. The minor colonies collapsed and starved, conquered races became liberated and on the home world a new dark age began.

About 300 years ago the successor city states of Klarkash-ton had crawled back to a roughly 18th century level of technology but unfortunately where hit by a wave of human colonists who disrupted the restoration of Klarkash peoples and various other alien peoples they have enslaved who stranded by the civil war had established their own territories.

Klarkash-ton has slightly lighter gravity than earth and a thin atmosphere. It’s thin red soil, dry climate and canals which lace across the planet has earned it the nicknames of ‘Barsoom’ or ‘New Mars’ by humans.

This will involve multiple posts but for now I will start with the alien races, these are initial pen pictures and will probably be developed as time goes on.

Alien Races

Klarkash – 7-8’  tall creatures barrel chests, multi-articulated arms, high flaring ears, and pit-like nostrils. They are roughly humanoid and skin tone varies from bright yellow to dark tan. In their long history the Klarkash have experimented with every type of government humans have and a few they haven’t.  The Klarkash have similar emotional ranges and responses to humans but tend to be very closed and inexpressive being stereotyped as cagey or inscrutable. Their religion is a baroque and brutal polytheism, though some have converted to human faiths.

Yuldront –

Six limbed green skinned creatures which can perambulate on 2, 4 or all six limbs. Their faces appear quite fierce with multi-faceted eyes and a complicated arrangement of maniples. Despite their facial similarity to insects they bodies are actually closer to mammals with smooth skins and muscles over an internal skeleton. The limbs end in clawed fully articulable hands – at least the females do. This is fair enough as the females between 12 and 18’ long are the intelligent part of the species the other two sexes being base animal intellects. They bond, typically for life with an incubator while the feral males simply wander around like vermin. Incubators are between 6’ and 7’ long and are built for speed, the females lay their eggs in the Incubators which the males impregnate. (Though the males 1-3’ long with try and impregnate anything.) All three sexes contribute to the genetic makeup of the offspring.

Despite their scary appearance the Yuldont are vegetarians – the poor manners of the lesser two sexes mean many Yuldont communities prefer to nomadically live on the great plains of Klarkash-ton (their green colouring is due to their ability to photosynthesise though they have to eat proteins and other material for a healthy diet.) Others have made a life in Klarkash or human societies (with Incubators and males kept in pens.)

The Yuldront where a pacific vegetarian people taken into slavery by the Klarkash. They also tend to be atheistic and rationalist.  Many keep to the original ideals of the people but others have taken on more Klarkash or Human behaviours.  One very peculiar human obsession the Klarkash have largely taken to is cricket with several nomadic communities having very well developed leagues though the tendency of males and incubators to wander on the pitch can often lead to matches being abandoned.


Wahamma – from a high gravity world the short, squat Warhamma have three arms and legs at equal points around a barrel like body. They have an external skeleton in the form of overlapping  plates that they shed as they mature.  Evolved from communal burrowing creatures they have thick three thumbed spade like hands and feet. Their colouring tends to be striped or dappled in Earth tones.

They also have three eyes equally space around the top of their bucket like heads. Warhamma have poor distance vision but see into the ultraviolet and infra-red ranges. Their ‘ears’ are all minuscule and all over their body giving them refined directional hearing. The mouth is in the top of the head and is consists of interlocking rings of razor sharp teeth. They have very fast metabolisms and tend to each large quantities of meat in tremendous quantities.

Unlike Yuldront and Klarkash Warhamma cannot pronounce human words and so rely on a sign language that has been developed.  Amongst themselves they communicate through a buzzing generated by the vibration of their plates. They tend to settle in their own communities often in the ruins of former Klarkash cities (they have an excellent resistance to radiation) where the burrow new settlements.

Warhamma’s have a finely developed appreciation of technology and amongst the aliens of Klarkash have adopted and adapted human technology. In particular they have taken on human genetic research and seem untroubled by the ethnical constraints most human societies have adopted. (The Klarkash refer to most other life as food and sentient life as ‘talking food.’) Wandering Yuldront bands have strange tales of the monsters Warhamma breed in their holds.

The actual Warhamma homeworld has made contact with human space and contacts have been established between their communities on Klarkash and broader Warhamma space. Those contacts are mainly for trade and tend to use human shipping lines. Each Warhamma hold is seen as independent and there is no sentiment in these business dealings.

Their poor distance vision means Warhamma tend to use explosives and booby traps rather than missile weapons. If pushed they are nimble, strong and armoured so make formidable hand to hand combatants.

(Well that’s enough for today I need to think how these fit in and interrelate with the human colonies I have in mind.)


One comment on “Prodigal Empires: Arachne II – the alien races

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