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Prodigal Empires: The Planet of Arachne IV

Arachne IV is a high gravity rock lacking atmosphere, which attracted human generation ship colonists due to its tremendous mineral resources. They were able to sell their wares to colonist of the habitable planets and moons of the teaming system even before the great powers developed warpgates and began to make contact with humanity’s ‘prodigal empires’.

The highly volcanically active planet has incredible rough terrain and when the original domed colonies began to fall out over mining rights the usual options of wheeled or hovercraft armoured fighting vehicles wouldn’t work. As a result the colonies put their resources into 6-8m bipedal battle machines (‘Mechs) piloted by a single pilot (their numbers being small.) Eventually the need for cybernetic linkage to the machines and genetic refinement led to a leadership-warrior caste of women.

Eventually the various domed colonies have been united under the leadership of House Bree and Marie-Anne Bree has been crowned Queen of Arachne IV. She is focused on developing a strong state executing or exiling dissenters (like the Iron Ladys ) and developing a Royal Navy. She uses her Spy master Wallis Hamm and her agents in NUNCLE (the National Undercover Network of Clandestine Law Enforcement) to assassinate and discredit opponents and exiles.

The fashions and culture of Arachne IV have a very Elizabethan or Renaissance feel. The prime public art is live theatre, the principal sports cock fighting and bear baiting (though the ‘bears’ in question are predators from Arachne III) and all classes wear blades openly and are not afraid to use them to defend their honour (or that of their family, clan, favorite theatre company, Mining House, sporting cock etc;)


One comment on “Prodigal Empires: The Planet of Arachne IV

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