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Flames of War: Fun in Bocage Country

Jim designed a Flames of War  scenario based on the famous battle of Barkmann’s corner http://en.whttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ernst_Barkmann#Normandy

Jim altered the scenario by replacing some of the US Sherman tanks with older Stuart vehicles butting adding a recon platoon of infantry, a half track and jeeps.

The Americans had to take out a Panther tank supported by a PAK anti-tank gun and some panzer-grenadiers.  The hedges are bocage which meant they were very hard for tanks to pass through.

The battlefield Americans entering right Germans defending on the left

Battle proceeded with US Recon troops shooting it out with the Waffen SS Panzer Grenadiers. Despite the .50 calibres on their vehicles the US infantry came off worse. Meanwhile the tanks charged down the road the front platoon getting massacred and gaming the road. Stuart tanks crossed the bocage and began flanking – some of them coming under fire from the PAK gun. Surviving Shermans flanked to the right pushing back the Panzer Grenadiers and the Recon troops began sneaking down the road between the burnt out American tanks.

Eventually US tanks managed to destroy the PAK gun and Panzer Grenadiers but as the lead vehicles tried to cross the Bocage they became stuck under the eager gun of Barkmann’s Panther. At that point the Recon unit bazooka gott round the flank and opened up on the Panther. They failed to damage the vehicle but must have rattled the gunner because it missed the stuck Sherman. Faced with turning to destroy the infantry or continuing to try and take out the Sherman before it flanked him Barkmann (Jim) decided to take out the tank.

A critical error – the Bazooka team took careful aim and managed to take out the Panther in the nick of time.

End Game !


End Game from other angle


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