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More fun in Normandy

There was more Flames of War fun last night as a US Armoured Cavlary Unit and Canadian paratroopers occupying a village resisted an attack by Waffen SS Panzer Mark IVs, Panzer-Grenadier and Swimwagen SMG armed assault troops. Two platoons of Stuarts arrived as reinforcements and found the Panzers a very tough nut to crack.

Eventually allied victory came through flanking the Panzers until the German crews bailed out. Then US infantry assaulted the vehicles killing or capturing the tankers. Eventually the command tank routed when lossing his platoon in this manner. The Swimwagen troops were massacred and the Waffen SS though better of it when they came under fire from the M1919 Machine Guns of the US infantry.

All in all good fun and more so because I won. A few pictures.


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