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Prodigal Empires:United Americas

The United Americas (also called the UA, America, and the States) is a federal constitutional republic comprising one hundred states (37 off Earth), a federal district and 38 off world territories.  On Earth geographically its territory includes Canada, the former USA, Mexico, some Central American states, Caribbean, Atlantic and Pacific Islands. All is Sol solar system colonies are established as states as are a number of older established inter-stellar colonies.

The UA evolved and is effectively has the same constitution as the former United States. It’s is dominated by two political parties the Liberal Democrats and the Republican Conservatives. The LDs favor fast tracking colonies to statehood and integrating generation ship colonies of UA origin peacefully. The RCs favor keeping territories as directly governed territories for longer and using military and espionage forces to bring ‘lost sheep’ into the UA.

There have been some changes – for instance the 5th amendment ‘right to bear arms’ is significantly less generous and the strong Christian(many so called ‘Free Catholics’ opposing the Communard Pope in Cuba)  population of the country means that Rode v Wade has been resolved in favour of the right to life.

UA is opposed to the Catholic Communard Commonwealth having thought several wars, they also oppose the Niptish Empire as a tyranny and sundry dictatorship or other morally offensive colonies. They are sympathetic to the Maphilindo Confederation, but not to the point of alliance.


UA colonies begin life as territories, democratically self- governing but no official input into UA government.  They have a milita made up of colonists, their own territory police, rangers or sheriffs departments and often are corporate sponsored and sometimes this extends to mercenary protection.

Once their population increases beyond a million they are considered for statehood based on the reliability of their institutions and quality of life.  This involves the Colony Congression Sub-Committee reports and is enacted by a bill in Congress if the sub-committee recommends statehood.

Linguistically the UA is bilingual. The practical everyday language is Spanglish a fusion of Spanish and English, however the official language of government and the legal system is English. It is commonly thought this serves to entrench class distinctions in the UA.


The UA Military consists of the following 5 professional forces:

UAN – The United Americas Navy which is the inter-stellar warships of the UA and also paradoxically some ‘rump’ maritime ‘wet’ navy forces on suitable worlds.

UAC – United Americas Coastguard system limited space warships with no inter-stellar travel capabilities involved in system protection and customs duties. Again as a ‘hangover’ from the original force it has some maritime coastal ‘wet’ maritime forces with similar duties.

UAAF – United Americas Air Force atmosphere craft and orbital defence/attack systems.

UACMC – United Americas Colonial Marine Corps – expeditionary troops training in drop ship assault, peacekeeping and ‘bug hunts.’ Operate their own highly automated troop transports as well as drop and gun ship support craft, light tanks and highly trained infantry forces.

UAA – United Americas Army – garrisons states and endangered territories. It can only be brought in to support civil power in an internal crises with Congressional approval.

And 2 part time forces:

National Guard – part-time volunteers used as a reserve for UAA but can also be commanded by State governors to support police etc.;

Territorial Militia – part time volunteers used to defend territories. Unlike National guard can’t be called up to serve in the UAA.


There are 123,674 police forces and federal law enforcement agencies in UA territory.  These range from parish sheriffs departments with a couple officers to major federal agencies like the FBI which are charged with major criminal investigations, have inter-stellar courier ships, special forces, expert crime labs etc;

Territory police forces tend to be either democratically lead or led by appointees by the elected governor. Often there will be a local level at individual settlement with a territory level support in the former of professional  territory level forces (often called Rangers or troopers.)


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