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Nueva Esperanza: The Battle of Furshire

The Furshire Plain - the CRIME brigade in the distance

Brigadier Skeets took a drag on his cigerette holder, adjusted his cravat and waved the Yeomanry light tanks forward, todays was the day CRIME began to take back what was theirs..

A weak CRIME ‘briagde’ of the Furshire Foresters supported by Yeomanry (machine gun armed light tanks) and decrepid artillery advanced into the Valley of New Crimea. From the opposite end advanced a all arms FIPPS battles group, armoured cavalry, mortars and mechanised infantry.

The FIPPS battlegroup watched as their opponents took 2 out of 3 objectives, the FIPPS commander Elder Alex cursed his infantry who were very sluggish. His calvary advanced witht he tank gun armed armoured car troops keeping CRIME forces at a distance. Due to lack of infantry support his mortars found themselves exchanging small arms fire with the Yeomanry and had to pull back after losing a battery. The Yeomanry then switched targets and destroyed the APC carried infantry company of the Armoured Cavalry battation – the remainder if which in the form of horsed cavalry and armoured cars attacked the CRIME artillery which was out of position and caught manhandling the guns forward.

In the resulting melee the mounted FIPPs triumphed and then backed off coming under fire from the Furshire Foresters.  FIPPS miltia reinforcements came on in the rear taking an objective and as the heavily armed FIPPS mechanised infantry managed to ‘debus’ with their heavy weapons. Thinking hismelf content with the bloody nose he had given FIPPS Brigadier Skeets pulled back to whence he came leaving the field to the Scots.

FIPPS mortars on the left while Armoured cavalry advance along the hill.

The destruction of the CRIME artillery


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