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New Years Message 2011

Well last year I had a good old think about 2010 and what I wanted from 2011 https://clarkythecruel.wordpress.com/2010/12/31/a-new-years-message/

What about this year?

Well on the personal side I feel me and Mrs K have been very lucky – there are still come things to work on career wise but generally life has been good, some debts have been paid off, the house coming on and all the preparations are laid for a new arrival at the end of January (Gods be good, please Gods be good.)

Looking back at my intentions ‘to be to be a bit more considered, a bit more temperate and a bit more organised in how I approach life – that’s whether it’s running, gaming, career, podcasting, writing or whatever sphere. A bit more methodical and ultimately I hope with better outcomes.’ Did I succeed?

Hmmm ish…the RPG seemed to go okay, the wargaming seemed to run more on track (though with the odd hiccup), the podcast appears to have worked well and some comic writing things have verged tantasilingly close to being drawn which is an improvement on last year. In real life I think things have been better but could do with further improvement but I have broadened my experience and getting an idea, of an idea, about what I want to do long term.

Physically I’ve but some weight on (due to gluttony) next years going to be involved in throwing that off. On the plus side I got driving again which gives us more options as a family and me more independence for me.

Well that’s all well and good, but the fact is life is going to change with our first child  and that will change everything not least my perspective and priorities – so I go into the New Year with the same ambition to be more focused, more organised and more considerate. Bit I do so with a new motivation,  no longer as some academic exercise in self improvement, but for our daughter, her benefit and comfort.


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