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NE T2 P1 The 2nd Battle of Small Press

A Maosit column consisting of a Category B Battalion with supporting artillery and armoued tractors bumped into the rearguard of a FIPPS occupation force vacating the province. The FIPPS rearguard was the James Parish militia and their Commanding Elder, the Reverend Salmon. The Armoured car did take an early objective.

Unfortunately the Maoist infantry had got lost on route to the battle and so the intial stages where a skirmish between the Armoured tractors and supporting gun battlery aganist the Salmon lead miltia.

Eventually the Maoist infantry came on in a  flanking move catching Salmon in the open but losing their Recoiless rifle portees to fire from the St.James’s Milita they were unable to fire with telling effect, briefly panicking and the FIPPS General fled into the hills accompanied by his guards.

The Category B Battalion catches the FIPPS general in the open

Further FIPPS reinforcements came on in the form of the Congression of Saints Mortar battalion the were met by the Maoist infantry and a small arms battle resulted.  The FIPPS miltia routed off their objective and the Maoist broke off the firefight to take that objective, slightly imedped by their HMG truck having broken down. The Maoist General took a second objective. Eventually from harrassing fire only 1 Miltiia platoon survivied and sheltered on the lee of the hill.

FIPPS Mortar battalion engages the Category B Maoists

Victory was denied though as Elder Salmon had snuck down the foothills and taken the original objective to fall to FIPPS. They then charged the Maoist artillery but the Tractors and Infantry sped to retake the objective – and holding three objectives to  achieve final victory.

Unfortunately the FIPPS Archangel Gabriel Mechanised GrenadierBattalion had come on as reinforcements and caught the Moaist general as he cowered from suppressing fire from the sole surviving miltia platoon. Killing him they caused the Catergory B battalion to break once again and Elder Salmon to reoccupt that objective.

Mechanised Troops save the Day for FIPPS

Despite the efforts of the Armoured Tractors & artillery despite casualties to stop them the Elder stayed in place.

To add insult to injury the mechanised platoon took an objective and a the sneaky surviving miltia platoon took the third turning a possible defeat for  FIPPS into a victory! As a reward the suriviors of the militia platoon where given the repaired Maoist HMG truck as the Independent (James Parish) Motor Machine Gun Company.

The worn Moaist surviors short of motor transport slink back to whence they came.


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