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Lee Grice’s Dirty Dozen

Following on from me posting my ‘league of ww2 gentlemen’ here: https://clarkythecruel.wordpress.com/2012/01/15/my-world-war-two-league-of-gentlemen/

Lee Grice the man who started the madness has passed on his list to me and here it is…

The Dozen:

Pvt Kelly (Clint Eastwood - Kelly's Heroes)

Sgt Oddball (Donald Sutherland - Kelly's Heroes)


Capt Virgil Hilts (Steve McQueen - The Great Escape)

Maj Reisman (Lee Marvin - The Dirty Dozen)

Maj John Smith (Richard Burton - Where Eagles Dare)

Capt Keith Mallory (Gregory Peck - Guns Of Navarone)

Cpl Dusty Miller (David Niven - Guns Of Navarone

Col Joseph L Ryan (Frank Sinatra - Von Ryan's Express)

Sgt JJ Sefton (Willian Holden - Stalag 17)

Sqn/Ldr Quint Munroe (David McCallum - Mosquito Squadon)

Wng/Cdr Roy Grant - (Cliff Robertson - 633 Squadron)

S/Sgt Rolf Steiner - (James Coburn - Cross Of Iron)

The Mission:
To capture Lt/Col Kurt Steiner – (Michael Caine – The Eagle Has Landed) – who for the purposes of my headgame is Rolf Steiner‘s brother.
Rolf has been captured and defected to the allies and informed them Kurt has information vital to the blah blah blah mcguffin etc etc… Smith of course has a separate covert agenda as do Kelly, Oddball, Ryan and Sefton which is more mercenary, naturally. In an amusing revelation Reisman discovers Oddball‘s surname is Pinkley (cousin to the character in The Dirty Dozen) and in twisty-turny who-what-who finale its revealed that Kelly is actually Lt Shaffer who changed his identity sometime after the events of Where Eagles Dare.



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