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My World War Two League of Gentlemen

This follows from a ‘game’ that Lee Grice of Small Press, Big Mouth played on twitter – put together your own ‘Dirty Dozen’ from war movies. The rules are that you don’t use the same actor more than once and that you don’t use any ‘real’ characters nor more than two characters from one movie.

Here’s my dirty dozen then..

Telly Savalas as Sergeant Guffy from ‘the Battle of the Bulge.’

Jack Watson as Scots-Canadian Corproal Wilfred Peacock from The Devils Brigade

While we’re still on the Tam O’Shanters here’s Michael Caine as cynical combat medic Private Tosh Hearne.

Thora Hird as gung ho Land Army girl Ivy Dawking who helped foil a German invasion in ‘Went the day well.’

Stanley Holloway as Private Ted Brewer, the essential tommy from ‘The Way head/The Immortal Battalion.’

Given this is a world war lets also have Sergeant Major Tambul from the Sudan Defence Force as ‘Sahara.’

Humphrey Bogart as Sergeant Joe Gunn from ‘Sahara.’

Nigel Davenport as Captain Cyril Leech, shifty renegade desert special forces commander in the North African desert.

Kirpal Singh, sapper officer from the English Patient, played by Naveen Andrews though unfortunately I can’t identify his rank anywhere – any help would be appreciated.

Jack Hawkins as Commander Ericson from The Cruel Sea, a ruthless and dedicated naval officer.

James Robertson Justice as Sir Ernest Pease KBE FRS / Lt. Farrow RN - top scientist and acerbic boffin mascaraing as an Royal Navy flyer.

John Mills as Able Seaman ‘Shorty’ Blake


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