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Superhero Roleplaying: Crisis: Collapse of Infinite Worlds

What if they worked together

I am thinking about a plan ‘B’ if my current game becomes logistically difficult with various life changes.  My thoughts are that a superhero game would be quite easy to work with chopping and changing characters and the capacity to run single player games when people can’t make it. Rather than run with entirely home designed world I’ve been thinking of a world where the various Superhero (and various non-Superhero universes have collapsed in on each other.) These means lazy players can potentially play their favourite super and creative ones can generate their own character.

For a bit of fun I’m thinking that various established characters first appeared in their original publication date. Characters have aged so Superman at 72 is probably not in his silver-age prime making him more comparable with Marvel characters power levels , Batman is still going but it’s unlikely to be the same man behind the mask (and there was some unfortunate incident in the mid-80s involving him and Superman.)  Black Nick Fury (ultimates)  is a younger relative of 60s Nick Fury etc;

People are aware universes collapsed in 1986, but they are also aware of the merged time lines that exist but have a foggy memory of what their ‘original’ timeline was. It can lead to such fun scenarios as@

  • How does Buffy and her (reduced) army of slayers dealing with not being as special anymore? Mind you there are so many varieties of Vampire out there (Buffyverse, Morbius, Marvel descendent Marvel types etc;) she probably has her hands full.
  • In Europe, Marshal Vashkov became Russian premier in 1991 and has renamed the country reunified with many former soviet states as the Volgan Republic (2000AD). The presence of Western European superheroes such as the UK’s EAGLES (Games Workshop’s Golden Heroes) has prevented them attacking Western Europe (yet.)
  • The Latveria Leader Victor Von Doom (Marvel) also keeps a close eye on potential Volgan aggression and many people are unsure if he is a hero of a free central Europe or a terrorist villain.
  • What effect does all this have on Weatherfield, Walford or Holby? (various soap operas)
  • Does it affect the chances of Melchester Rovers (Roy of the Rovers) to beat Harchester United (Dream Team) in the Cup?
  • What does Danish Premier Brigette Nyborg (Borgen) make of it all and who are the Danish Superheroes?
  • How does New York (Marvel) cope with the competition from Gotham and Metropolis (DC) and vice versa.
  • Who’s the favourite superhero of the Bash Street Primary School kids (Beano)

Obviously this is a very flexible (and plagiaristic) mash up universe which is just a bit of fun for silly roleplaying game 9and I will freely admit utter fanw$&k.) It will lend itself to many inputs and hopefully different people can have goes at game mastering it and even people not playing can contribute ideas:

So over to you –

What superteams could so see formed in this universe – who from what comics would be in them? Espically what would any British superteam(s) look like?

What villainous alliances would there be?

What other fun  mash-ups could there be?

What characters would you like to play, in what part of the world and on what kind of adventures?

Twitter @Clarkythecruel with #CrisesCollapseInfinite, use the comments or email Dissectingworlds@yahoo.co.uk with any ideas, concept or interest.


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