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NE T2P1 Battle of Necropolis

Assault Battlesuit Containment Units take casulties from Deathwalker Milita
Testudo Protection tanks are ambushedby Zomboys & the Living Liches in the shanty town

Following a competitive bid from the Creative Carpetbaggers Inc the Juggernaut Incorporated Combined Strike Unit advanced into the Necopolis a ruined settlement subsequently colonised by death cultists from across the island.

What a force! – giant ‘mecha’, smaller combat robots, the most advanced tanks, artillery and highly trainedinfantry aganist a small force of ragged stoned miltia men with only the odd rocket propelled grenade to complement their assault rifles.

Indeed the forces of Galtania did triumph but not without the rough and ready insurgents gangs – the Ghouls, Liches, Wraiths, Vamps, Deathwalkers, Zomboys and others inflicting surprising casualties on the attackers.

The Necropolians proved to be canny fighters attacking from ambush and darting from cover to cover. They failed in their efforts to knock out the command post for the varies remote operated ‘robot’ units but their RPG teams managed to knock out not one but both ‘mecha’ accompanying the attack. Infantry also manage dto severely deplete the smaller battle bots.

A bruised and batter Juggernaut force eventually took control of the battlefield – but despite the victory their has been a fall in the secuirty coproations share price following news of the battle.

Assault Battlebot Domination Units destroyed by sneak attack by the Ghoul Guerrillas

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