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Crisis Game Scenarios (I)


Following on from my last post https://clarkythecruel.wordpress.com/2012/02/19/crisis-games/ here are some possible Crisis scenarios, the members would be cut down or expanded depending on interest. 



A world similar to our own the main difference being after the Java bombings Indonesia was subject to an Islamist military coup and has been bullying it’s neighbous including Malaysia and the Philippines.

Characters the Australian Foreign & Defence Cabinet Committee:

The Prime Minister

Attoney General

Minister for Foreign Affairs

Minister for Home Affairs

Minsiter of Defence

Chief of the Defence Staff

Director Austrlian Secret Intelligence Service

Director Austrialian Secuirty Intelligence Organisation



1978 In a world where aliens exist but are secret and things go bump in the night in addition to the COBRA committee for ‘normal’ emergencies COBREX (Cabinet Office Briefing Room X) exists for unusual emergencies, membership can include some or all of:


The Prime Minister

Foreign Secretary

Home Secretary

Head UK UNIT (Dr Who – pre 1968 Intrusion Countermeasurse Group)

Head British Rocket Group (Quatermass)

Head Department for Observation and  Measurement  of Scientific Work (Doomwatch)

Director CI5 (The Professionals)

Commander United Kingdom Space Command (Dr Who rump RAF organisation.)



After the Romans left Britain the Romano-Britons had to try and cope on their own this is the Court of Deva (Chester) City of Legions

Dux of Chester

Master of Horse

Centurion of Foot

Steward and Castellean


Bishop of Chester

Natural philosopher and astrologer


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