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T2 Ph1 Battle of Chaosia


Tranquil Chaosia

Charybis Security commissioned by the LexCorp Consortium marched their Mecha and combat robots into the farmland of Chaosia. Looming on the hill was a platoon of Khorne Knights in ultramodern Rynd tanks bought from Oscorp a Galtanian corporation.

Initially Galt robots came under fire from older Winston tanks purchased from Crime manned by the Arioch Armour Club, they quickly came off worse in the fire fight against the combat computers of the Charybis corporation. The Charbyis mecha platoon took out the hilltop tanks of Korne.

Khorne platoon dies

Chaos Cultist infantry in the form of Xiombarg Grenadiers hunkered in the dead ground between hills but had little chance against the automata. As they thought the Chardos Hussars an armoured car unit snook in behind, failing to chase down the control unit for Galt forces they occupied an objective.

Last charge of Chaos

Combat robots took the final objective    but where rushed by drugged up militia men of Balan’s Bastards who charged and broke against the wall of metal but not before destroying 50% of the force.

Overcoming mechanical breakdown the Mecha took out the Hussars armoured cars in a long range firefight. Resulting in a light victory for the Galtanian forces.


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