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Turn 2 Phase 1 Map, League Table and Turn 2 Phase 2 Battles

League Tables

The Map after the Battle with inroads being made in FIPPS territory even as they advance and things hotting up on the Galt/Rome border.

And next turns battles (technically the Galt invasion of Necrpolis should have Phase 2 but as it doesn’t affect resources or other players Phase 2 moves I will let the result stand.) As well as these battles there are some unopposed occupations that will be on the Turn 2 Phase 2 map when the battles are done.

Turn   2, Phase 2 Battles Attacker Defender  
Themyscia CRIME Amazons
Disoce of Paul FIPPS Midgard
Chaosia/Skavern   Border Roma Secunda(Encounter   battle) Galt(Encounter   battle)

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