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NE T2 Ph 2 2nd Battle of Geek Synd

FIPPS forces avoided being ambushed thanks to a tip off by Geek Synd partizans (former members of the Kentucky Nuge’s Rifles eager for liberation from the CRIME oppressors.) They stole upon unexpecting CRIME forces by the unfinished Backpack-McKlusky railway line (whose contrustion was delayed by the wars.)

The Battlefield by the unused railway line

Panicking Brigadier Skeets moved his infantry of the Furshire Foresters  to a rocky outcrop where they entered into a prolonged firefight with the Archangel Michael Mechanised Infantry and FIPPS armoured cavalry squadron. The light tanks of the CRIME yeomanry lent their support but ended up in a pincer movmement taking 66% casualties. This eneabled the FIPPS John Parish Militia and Elder Alex’s detahcment to seize objectives and win the battle.

Too late CRIMe yeomanry tried to throw the miltia off the outstandign the objective but they stood firm. However the FIPPS Mechanised Infantry and armoured cavalry routed which enabled the CRIME survivors to escape to the northeast to the Province of Fishire.

The Furshire Foresters blow their way out of the trap

FIPPS won but the damage FIPPS took to it’s mototr transport pool means the battlegroup is reduced to a leg battle group with reduced startegic movement.


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